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Mar 7, 2021 - by Achal Mohindra

Christian Cage signs with AEW.

During AEW Revolution it was announced Christian Cage has signed with AEW.

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  1. Douglas Wendall says:

    lol this was the big signing? A nearly 50 year old man on a long layoff? This is what they teased? XD

  2. What? says:

    I’ve been thinking that AEW today is basically what TNA/Impact was about 15 years ago (albeit on a better network) and I’d say I was half joking, but after this same signing that TNA made in late 2005 I may have to revise that percentage.

  3. steve says:

    Scratching my head, big shocking signing?
    Wow! Not a big move. Batista, Lesner or Cena then shocking big move.

  4. Sascha Hentig says:

    Christian as the “Big big name”?
    Now that’s gonna put some butts in the seat.

    At least it wasn’t the two move man.

  5. April Fangria says:


  6. John says:

    Hmmm…this is why you don’t say you got a significant talent and hype a wrestler that is coming to your federation unless that wrestler is someone who is going to make a difference. Brock Lesnar, John Cena and CM Punk…Yes. Batista maybe, I’m going to say Brock Lesnar isn’t going to make a difference because he needs a mouth piece and without his mouthpiece he really isn’t special. John Cena and CM Punk will make a difference if they jumped over to AEW since they have the wrestling ability and Mic skills.

    Okay now to Christian, Christian is NOT significant wrestler to draw people to the AEW product. This gave me a bad impression on Tony Khan. How I’m I supposed to believe you whenever you say something like this. You lost my trust Khan you pulled a Dixie. This takes me back to the TNA days of 2008-2014 and that’s very very bad.

  7. Olivia says:

    Still waiting for the big signing…

  8. Matthew P Lightizer says:

    This signing came off as Jacksonville Dixie-like than Tony Khan-like.

  9. Revan says:

    I’m a huge fan of Christian. I started watching TNA just because Christian was there. And I can’t blame the guy for signing with AEW if he wants to wrestle again, since the focus in WWE is clearly on Edge. He’s certainly a “Hall of Fame-worthy star”. But damn. That was way too much hype.
    It was smart of them to capitalize on the fact that he was last seen in the Rumble, though, apparently describing it as “shocking, in a good way”. I’m pretty sure not as many people would care if it wasn’t for that since there’s an assumption that “Vince is livid”.

  10. Anthony Kahn says:

    I’m still in shock. What a well-booked pay-per-view.

  11. Michael Vincent says:

    Who are you guys blaming for this lackluster announcement? You all built it up in your minds. Cena? Batista? Neither of those guys is leaving McMahon. Punk has managed to stay retired. Blame yourselves for your own wishful thinking.

  12. peter says:

    that’s it well we should know by now that everytime a “big” name is announced or a “huge” announcement that’s going to change the wrestling world always ends in disapointment and i mean always i can’t even remember the last time either one of these delivered oh i know why i can’t remember cause they NEVER live up to expectations EVER. for shame tony khan on keeping the disapointment alive and well.

  13. Revan says:

    @Michael Vincent – I can agree that it was ridiculously wishful thinking for anyone to think it could have been Cena or Batista. But to be fair, AEW was the one who built it up. While Christian is a “Hall of Fame-worthy” talent in my mind, I doubt Christian came to everyone else’s mind when they heard that. Especially when you consider this was hyped up, unlike Sting or Big Show’s debuts/signings. Also, someone apparently described the reveal to be “shocking”. Cena or Batista would be “shocking”. Christian is not. Angle wouldn’t even be “shocking” IMO.

  14. Mike Oxmaul says:

    Would Christian be a “Hall of Fame-worthy” talent if it wasn’t for Edge? Certainly not a HoF talent as a singles competitor

  15. Michael Vincent says:

    @Revan – Incorrect… I think we would both agree that AEW bothering to sign a 50-year-old B-level talent like Christian in 2021 to be pretty damn shocking.

  16. Dan says:

    Just because WWE didnt use him well as a singles doesnt mean he is a B-Level talent, countless people in the business have said how great of a worker he was and probably still is. He is great on the mic. His run in TNA showed he could be the top guy in a company. As far as the build up, he fit the bill that Paul Wight laid out to a tee. I think the only let down that happened was to fans that were reaching for a CM Punk level surprise and over blew it in their own minds

  17. Kyle Williamson says:

    Im glad to see Christian Cage get a second breath of life into his career by going AEW Bound. Christian Cage is ALL ELITE

  18. Kyle Christie says:

    @Michael Vincent – 100% agree with your first comment. Nobody to blame but yourselves here for thinking it would be someone like a Cena or Brock. That just ain’t happening but Christian and Big Show still shocked the hell out of me as they were both just in WWE recently and I really never thought Big Show would leave. Really surprised WWE didn’t work out a story for Christian after his return at the Rumble.
    My only critique is that AEW has way too many talent now. Yeah, they’ve got AEW Dark and this new Elevation show but they are just enhancement / squash matches really with little to no stories. Scorpio Sky winning the ladder match was fine but could they have at least built him up for a couple of months on Dynamite instead of just him randomly appearing on commentary and having an attitude all of a sudden?
    Ethan Page, yeah, I like the guy but again, there’s too many talent in AEW now that aren’t getting utilized. The women’s division should be a priority instead of signing more guys, they have more than enough men on the roster and should focus on building up the women’s division as they have done a poor job of it so far.

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