Joey Mercury files lawsuit against Ring of Honor

Mar 6, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Adam Birch, best known as Joey Mercury, has filed a lawsuit against Ring of Honor and parent company Sinclair Broadcasting.

Birch has filed a suit in the state of Maryland against ROH and Sinclair, claiming that he was misclassified as a independent contractor rather than an employee. Birch was part of Ring of Honor as a producer from May of 2018 through October of 2019

Birch claims that he was forced to resign due to the company’s lack of concern regarding talent, and working without a “commensurate increase” in pay. Birch’s suit also claims that Sinclair and ROH failed to respond to Birch’s complaints regarding what he viewed as an unsafe working environment. He also claimed that he was paid substantially less than others who were performing the same work, and is also seeking royalties.

Birch is not the only former Ring of Honor talent that has filed a lawsuit. Last month, Kelly Klein filed a discrimination lawsuit against ROH and Sinclair, claiming sexual harassment, dsicrimination, unpaid royalties, breach of contract, and violation of state and federal equal pay acts.

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