HollyHood Haley J

Mar 4, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name: Haley Evans
Weight: 110 lbs.
Date of Birth:
Pro Debut: January 25, 2020
Trained By: Ronnie Roberts, JC Rotten & Amazing Maria
Finishing Move: Double Stomp


– Haley is a second generation wrestler, her mother is Amazing Maria.
– Haley is nicknamed the Queen of Boujhetto. The J in her name stands for James.
– January 25, 2020, Haley would make her debut in a loss to Thunderkitty in a IWA Old School rules match at IWA Mid-South BattleBroads #1.
– February 6th, Haley lost to Laynie Luck at IWA Mid-South Heartbreak.
– February 22nd, Haley defeated Becky Idol at IWA Mid-South BattleBroads 2.
– March 5th, Haley defeated Alice Crowley in a Tables match at IWA Mid-South Let the Madness Begin to win the IWA Mid-South Women’s Title.
– March 14th, Haley defended the title against Malia Hosaka.
– June 19th, Haley, Amazing Maria & Kayla Kassidy defeated Jack Griffin, Lincoln Moseley & Ronnie Roberts at IWA Mid-South Unfinished Business.
– August 4th, Haley defeated Billie Starkz on OVW TV.
– August 21st, Haley retained the IWA Mid-South Women’s Title against Amazing Maria.
– August 28th, Haley defended the title against Paige Jones.
– September 1st, Haley & Kayla Kassidy defeated Alice Crowley & Billie Idol on OVW TV.
– October 24th, Haley lost the title to Thunderkitty in a Old School IWA Rules match.
– October 27th, Haley & Harley Fairfax defeated Amazing Maria & Jessie Belle on OVW TV.
– November 26th, Haley, Amazing Maria, JC Rotten & Stonewall lost an elimination to Daniel Luck, James Bandy, Lincoln Moseley & Tony Evans at IWA Mid-South Wrestlefeast ’20.
– January 9, 2021, Haley defeated Joseline Navarro at OVW Nightmare Rumble.
– January 12th, Haley defeated Lilith Grimm in a dark match on OVW TV.
– January 16th, Haley lost to Arie Alexander by DQ at XVW Cold as Ice.
– January 28th, Haley & Alice Crowley lost to Zodiak in a Handicap match at IWA Mid-South Double Jeopardy.
– February 4th, Haley won the IWA Mid-South Women’s Title by winning a 4-Way.
– February 5th, Haley defended the IWA Mid-South Women’s Title in a 3-Way.
– February 6th, Haley defeated defeated Joseline Navarro in a Street Fight at OVW Saturday Night Special – Tough Love ’21.
– February 9th, Haley defeated Mazzaratti to win the OVW Women’s Championship.
– February 11th, Haley retained the IWA Mid-South Women’s Title against Jessie Belle Smothers.

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