3/4/21 NXT UK Report

Mar 4, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

NXT UK opens with interviews from various women in the WWE discussing Kay Lee Ray & Meiko Satomura as they’ll be competing in a championship matchup tonight for the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

Commentators for the night are Andy Shepherd & Nigel McGuinness. Francesca Brown is the ring announcer.

Match #1: Sam Gradwell defeated Ilja Dragonuv by DQ. (Ilja originally won the match by referee stoppage but Ilja wouldn’t stop smashing Gradwell with elbows so the ref called for the bell, officials tried to stop Ilja but then he grabbed an official but managed to control himself before striking the official. Gradwell was grinning with blood in his mouth and said well done Ilja).

A video package for Teoman airs as he’ll be making his debut next week. Aleah James & Xia Brookside are eating lunch together & Xia has Nina Samuels make them tea, Nina makes a bad cup for Aleah but she doesn’t want it after all.

Supernova Sessions this week begins with Noam Dar reading reviews for his show. Tyler Bate is the guest for the evening, Dar asks Bate on who is Zen. Bate says Zen isn’t someone but what’s in myself. He compliments Bate on all he has achieved in his young age at 23. Dar dumps a pile of garnish on Bate, Bate ends up eating a piece as Dar brings up how Bate lost to A-Kid awhile back and he thinks Bate should be scared since he is going up against Dave Mastiff next week in heritage cup rules. Bate says he may be zen but he isn’t anyone’s door mat.

Ben Carter is shown at the performance center and says that his career started in the states and he’s British so he thinks he should learn more British style wrestling. Aleah James receives a hype package right after as she mentions how excited and grateful she is to be in the WWE. A promo for “the White Witch” Isla Dawn airs as she uses an ouija board & tarot cards

Match #2: Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams defeated Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter as Amir rolled up Carter for the pinfall after assistance by Williams.

A vignette airs for the rivalry between Piper Niven & Jinny. Next week will be the first ever mixed tag team next week as Jinny & James Conners vs. Piper Niven & Jack Starz. During the break Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams are interviewed on how they’re feeling and they say that next week we are taking on former champions Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster.

Match #3: Kay Lee Ray defeated Meiko Satomura to retain the NXT UK Women’s Championship. After the match KLR shows respect to Satomura.

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