3/3/21 MLW Fusion Report

Mar 3, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

MLW Fusion opens up with a video package on the rivalry between Contra Unit & Injustice. Tonight Jordan Oliver will challenge Jacob Fatu for the MLW World Heavyweight Title in tonight’s main event.

Commentators for this week’s episode are Saint Laurent & Rich Bocchini. The mention that we’ll be seeing the Fallout from Filthy Island. The two run down the card as Contra Unit will challenge Los Parks for the MLW World Tag Team Titles & Calvin Tankman will be going up against Laredo Kid. We see some highlights from the historic matches that has involved Los Parks & Contra Unit in the past.

Match #1: Los Parks retained the MLW World Tag Team Titles against Contra Unit (Simon Gotch & Daivari) after LA Park hit Daivari with a spear.

Up next the Von Erichs bash Filthy Island and how their tactics have been disgraceful. Alicia Atout interviews Salina de la Renta but she cuts her short by saying how her voice is so annoying. She says that she loves gold and she is coming for the MLW National Openweight Title.

Match #2: Parrow defeated Dugan with the Murder Bomb. After the match Parrow calls out Mil Muertes.

Tom Lawlor presents the Fallout from how the Von Erichs ruining the event on Filthy Island. He calls Von Erichs or ACH to step up and challenge Kevin Ku. A recap of the interview TJP did on his opinion to Buy Ku Dao a few weeks ago. We see But Ku Dao challenging TJP to a matchup in the future.

Another propaganda video pops up for AztecaUnderground.com, Jordan Oliver cuts a promo on Fatu & his title match tonight.

Match #3: Calvin Tankman defeated Laredo Kid with the Tankman Driver. After the match Tankman cuts a promo and says he dedicated this match to his daughter & everyone supporting him. He says that he is gunning for Jacob Fatu & his title.

We see a recap of Lio Rush winning the AAA Cruiserweight Title a few weeks ago. Alicia Atout runs into the Men’s restroom to confront Richard Holliday & Alexander Hammerstone on why Salina de la Renta would be calling Holliday her boytoy. They deny everything and Hammerstone eventually tells her to let Salina know she has a problem with her and resolve it because the Dynasty isn’t afraid of Promociones Dorado.

Before the next match, Josef Samael & Jacob Fatu both cut a propaganda video on how there will be another death in Injustice.

This week’s PWI Top 5 for the MLW World Tag Team Titles are:
#5 The Dirty Blondes
#4 Injustice
#3 Violence is Forever
#2 Contra Unit
#1 The Von Erichs

A recap of the Gringo Loco & Gino Medina match from a few weeks ago. Medina cuts a promo on Gringo Loco because he is ripping off an old tag team in Mexico his grandfather was a part of called the Gringo Locos.

Match #4: Jacob Fatu defended the MLW World Heavyweight Title against Jordan Oliver. After the match Contra Unit beats down Injustice and put them both in body bags.

Next week we will see LA Park challenging Alexander Hammerstone for the MLW National Openweight Championship. Also in a few weeks Mil Muertes will go up against Parrow.

The next PPV for MLW is on March 24th and it’ll be Never Say Never.

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