News on Charlotte Flair, Andrade, and Kacy Catanzaro

Mar 2, 2021 - by James Walsh

– During a recent interview with TV Insider, Charlotte Flair was asked about working with Andrade in a WWE Storyline. She said “I’ve actually pitched that. I would be very much open to that. I’ve done a lot in my career, but nobody has seen me in an on-cam relationship, or in that light. I can come across cold on TV”.

– WWE announced during last week’s NXT Injury Report that Kacy Catanzaro suffered a leg injury during her match with Xia Li, where Xia Li stopped on Catanzaro’s leg against the steel steps. Dave Meltzer commented on Catanzaro’s status on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio.

Based on Meltzer’s coverage, the leg injury was done as an apparent angle for Catanzaro. Meltzer stated on Catanzaro, “It’s not like she’s 100%, but she’s fine, OK.” Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez noted that Catanzaro was wearing some type of knee brace for the match with Xia Li, and she still worked her athletic, acrobatic style. Meltzer took exception to WWE announcing that Catanzaro has a leg injury when that would preclude her having to be out for months, while it appears she won’t need a layoff that long.

The WWE version of the NXT injury report stated that Kacy Catanzaro is not medically cleared, and she’s awaiting more information on the extent of her injury.

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