Impact Report, 3/2/21

Mar 2, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Matt Stryker and D’Lo Brown are once again on the call.  They recap last weeks show with a vignette package.  The Good Brothers are going to team with Juice Robinson and Dave Finley.  This team seems destined for failure.  Moose is now a recognized World Champion, holding the TNA belt..  Jake Something was a tough match last week, but it will be World Champion VS World Champion when Moose finally faces Rich Swann one on one at the Sacrifice PPV.

Match 1.  Black Taurus (with Rosemary and Crazzy Steve) VS Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) VS Chris Bey.  The winner will face TJP for the X-Division Championship.

Ace and Bey start the match seemingly teaming to take Black Taurus off his feet.  They take turns working him over in the corner.  Taurus finally uses his strength to overpower the two and take them both off the offensive.  However, they are not done and double dropkick Taurus out of the ring.  They then square off.  Bey slips behind in a waist lock.  Bey takes him down, but Ace reverses the hold into a side headlock.  The two then spend the next few minutes flipping each other around the ring.  Neither can gain an advantage until Bey takes the low road and punches Ace in the face.  Bey goes to the outside, launching himself on Taurus.  Taurus is waiting and takes him down on the floor.  Ace launches himself to the outside, but Taurus tosses him back in the ring, after catching Ace in mid air.  Taurus uses kicks and even bites Ace in the ring.  Bey struggles to the apron.  Ace gets whipped from the ring.  Bey re-enters and hits a spinning DDT on Taurus.  Ace remains outside.  Bey splashes Taurus.  Ace recovers and dropkicks Taurus and Bey from the top rope.

Ace hits a big kick to Bey, but gets pounced by Taurus.  Taurus then hits a Samoan Drop and a pop up powerbomb on Bey.  Taurus turns to Ace, but gets tossed to the outside.  Fulton takes out Bey while the ref looked elsewhere, Ace finishes off Bey with The Fold and gets the win.

Winner Ace Austin.  Austin will face TJP at the PPV.

Jazz and Jordynne Grace are interviewed backstage.  The new tag team #1 contenders are interrupted by Hogan and Steelz, The Knockouts tag champs.  The build for the tag match between these teams continues.  Grace wants to face them tonight.

Matt Cardona and Brian Myers are shown backstage.  Cardona says he hates being in the middle with him and Eddie Edwards.  Brian says, don’t call it down the middle then, make it easy.  Matt doesn’t agree and walks off.

Match 2.  Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) VS Havok

Havok was approached last week by Tenille to start teaming.  It was too close to the end of Havok ending her team with Neveah.  She was annoyed with Tenille’s timing.  She wants to make her pay for it now.

Havok muscles Tenille to the outside to begin the match.  Tenille sneaks a knee to the head as she hides behind the ref.  They re-enter the ring and Tenille snap mares Havok, as we go to break.

Tenille took a stiff elbow early in the match and apparently during the break, Havok has been in trouble.  Dashwood is dropping elbows and throwing fists.  She is making a very good showing.  Havok has kicked out of two counts twice since we returned from the break.  Havok finally hits a stiff kick and uses some power moves.  Dashwood is still fighting though.  Dashwood school girls Havok and uses the ropes, for a two count.  Havok hits a disaster kick.  Kaleb interferes.  Havok misses a legdrop and Dashwood connects with the Spot Light for the win.

Winner.  Tenille Dashwood

Neveah storms the rings and attacks Kaleb, who was taunting Havok with the camera.  Tenille runs off.  Neveah caters to Havok.  This is weird since Neveah have stopped teaming.  They embrace post match.

Back at Swinger’s Palace, Ace shows up and tells TJP he is about to be a two time X Division Champ.  Bey shows up and tells Ace he won’t beat TJP unless Fulton helps.  Swinger says Bey and Ace can’t fight until he gets odds on it.  LOL…  He then says make the match.

Flashback Match.  Sting VS RVD.   Stings retains the TNA World Championship.

Another vignette is shown with Violent By DesignEY is telling Deaner he is failing.  He has lost to Josh Something twice in a row. EY says he must do what he has to do now to help him.  Joe Doering takes Deaner away and you hear a beating going on.  Deaner crawls back into the screen barely breathing.  EY tells him he does this because he cares about him.  Deaner says he knows.  EY shoves him to the ground and walks off.

AEW has another Paid AnnouncementTony Schiavone and Tony Khan will air Crossroads tomorrow.  Khan says he is the captain of all wrestling organizations against…. THEM.. and he says you know who THEY are.  The Big Show, Paul Wright will make his debut tomorrow night when he walks threw the Forbidden DoorShaq will also wrestle tomorrow and more.  Tully Blanchard will wrestle tomorrow as well in a six man with FTR!  This and so much more will happen at road to Revolution!

A Moose vignette airs next.  He tells everyone why he is going to fulfill his destiny and become the Impact World Champion.

Match 3.  Impact World Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers and Dave Finley and Juice Robinson VS XXXL and Reno Scum

Finley starts of with Luster the Legend.  Finley is in great shape and hits a huge dropkick.  Juice tags briefly, but decides to tag in Anderson.  Larry D tags in.  Doc tags in quickly and they double team Larry.  They then tag in Juice and he and Finley double team Larry D.  They seem to be seeing who can do better.  Acey tags in and finally starts beating on Finley.  Thornstone tags in he takes an advantage until Gallows tags in.  He hit a pump kick and huge flying shoulder.  Anderson tags and they hit a Magic Killer.

Winners.  The Good Brothers and Finley and Juice.  

This is all about one upping each other, even for camera time.  This is going to get ugly.

The two teams yelling at each other spills back stage.  Juice and and Finley finally challenge The Good Brothers for the Impact tag belts at Sacrifice.

Match 4.  Brian Myers VS Eddie Edwards (Matt Cardona is the special Referee)

Myers is still sporting the eye patch and saying he is injured.  He comes out first.  Eddie is next.  Cardona is ready to call it down the middle.

Ironically, Myers starts the match with a thumb to the eye of Edwards.  Myers gets a quick one count.  Eddie fights Myers off and Brian bails to the outside in disgust.  Eddie follows him with a dive and Myers crumbles to the ground.  Eddie is shown smiling, as we go to break.

Myers is back in control as we return from break.  He has Eddie in a reverse headlock.  Eddie stands out of the hold and hits some elbows to break the hold.  He hits a running elbow and a northern lights suplex.  Myers kicks out of a pin, but takes a Blue Thunder from Eddie for a two count from the former World Champion.  Myers gets a two count off a Flatliner.  Eddie hits a backpack stunner, but Myers gets his foot on the ropes.  Cardona see this.

Myers loads his elbow pad and clotheslines Edwards.  Cardona DQ’s him after a Roster Cut.

Winner by DQ.  Eddie Edwards

Myers stares at Cardona and asks why he would do this to him.  (His best friend.)  Cardona says the same back to him.  Myers leaves and Edwards thanks Matt for calling it down the middle.

Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee and Susan are interviewed backstage.  Deonna controls the interview and she sets up her match tonight.  She says Jordynne Grace and Kierra Hogan are going to find out what happens when you mess with The Knockout’s Champion.

Match 5.  Deonna Purazzo (with Susan and Kimber Lee) VS Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) VS Jordynne Grace (with Jazz)

Grace and Hogan attack Purrazzo right from the outset.  We then go to a commercial break.

Back from break, now it is gang up on on Grace.  Grace knocks Purrazzo from the ring, leaving Hogan to fight alone.  Grace absolutely pulverizes Hogan until Purrazzo grabs Grace’s legs, while she crosses the ropes.  All three are back in the ring, but Grace is still in control.  She sidewalk slams Hogan and Purrazzo, but Deonna locks on arm bar briefly as she went to the canvas.  Grace got to the ropes.  Grace takes a tilt a whirl from Hogan.  She then takes out Purrazzo.  Grace gets to her feet and knocks down Hogan.  Hogan gets back up and takes a back elbow and sublex.  Purrazzo locks on a Fujiwarra arm bar on Grace.  Grace powers out with a Spinebuster.  She looks so strong in this match.

Kimber and Susan look on ominously.  Grace, Purrazzo and Hogan start throwing hands in the middle, strong style.  Grace is the only to stay on her feet.  Purrazzo hits a exploder suplex on Hogan.  Grace goes for a pump handle, Grace Driver on Purrazzo.  Hogan enters and Grace double clotheslines them both.  Jazz gives the nod of approval.  The ladies on the outside start brawling.  Grace dives to the outside on everyone.

Grace collects herself and helps Jazz to her feet.  Hogan gets tossed back in the ring.  Hogan is tossed in the corner and takes a running basement elbow.  Steelz helps her partner and pulls Hogan from a elbow drop from Jordynne.  Deonna rolls up Grace for the pin.

Winner. Deonna Purrazzo.

ODB enters and attacks Purrazzo and grabs the belt and holds it high as the show ends.

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