Dakota Kai Feels Validated After Recent Takeover Match

Mar 1, 2021 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Newshub, Dakota Kai spoke about feeling validated after the reaction she got backstage for her match with Io Shirai at NXT Takeover XXX. Here are highlights:

On her team with Raquel Gonzalez: “The Dusty Cup final happened almost a year to the day that Raquel was paired with me. And throughout that year we have had each other’s backs and she has been there for me. She was a big part of the storyline when I went after Io [Shirai – NXT women’s champion], we did War Games together and then I was there for her when she had the big match with Rhea Ripley. But this was the first time we went for something together and I think the result has solidified us as a team. We are super stoked with how it all turned out.”

On feeling validated last year at NXT Takeover XXX: “Days like that – the time before is spent focusing. I’m the sort of person who gets really nervous before a big match – I guess that’s what happens when you throw an introvert into an extraverted sport [laughs]. It wasn’t until after the match was done and we were both safe and okay and then stepping backstage to a round of applause and amazing support from everyone – it validated a lot of the things I have been trying to do as a heel character. Being a heel wasn’t easy for me – it wasn’t first nature to me, but stepping back and hearing the comments of Hunter [Levesque] and Shawn [Michaels – WWE Hall of Famer] and then what they said to me directly, it confirmed to me that this is the right direction for my character and I’m on the right trajectory.”

On the importance of COVID safety: “I know that lockdowns are really difficult for all the small businesses and families, but trust me – I have seen the other side of this – I have seen how bad it can get when the pandemic wins. Certainly it’s a little easier for New Zealand to close off to the outside world than some other countries, but sitting at home over Christmas and New Year’s and seeing all my friends on Instagram at parties and festivals – call me jealous. It was so foreign to me, but I was also super happy that Kiwis were able to have fun.”

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