Christian Casanova

Feb 26, 2021 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Christian Brigham
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 176 lbs.
Date of Birth: August 1, 1994
Hometown: Framingham, Massachusetts
Pro Debut: April 12, 2014
Trained By: Brian Fury
Finishing Move: Fedora Frog Splash


– Casanova has been nicknamed The Kid, Top Talent & The Thriller from New England.
– April 12, 2004, Casanova would lose his debut match against Mikey Webb on the CW Cold Fury Fallout Tour: Littleton.
– June 8th, Casanova & Scotty Slade challenged Anthony Greene & Rob Araujo for the PLW World Tag Team Titles.
– August 8th, Casanova competed in the NCW Big City Rumble ’14.
– August 9th, Casanova lost to Tyler Sexton at LPW Summer Sizzle.
– September 5th, Casanova & Kenny Roberts lost to The Lumberjake & Mike Paiva at NCW Fallout.
– September 26th, Casanova & Ramona Romano defeated Christopher James & Tyler Sexton at LPW Caged Mayhem.
– October 25th, Casanova lost to Anthony Greene at XWA Lockdown.
– November 28th, Casanova competed in the NCW Ox Baker Memorial Royal Rumble.
– February 7, 2015, Casanova competed in the NEW Royal Rumble.
– February 20th, Casanova defeated Triplelicious at NCW The Conclusion.
– March 13th, Casanova defeated Brick Mastone at NCW Back to School.
– April 17th, Casanova competed in the CW Chaotic Countdown.
– May 16th, Casanova & Brian Fury defeated Kenny Dykstra & Scotty Slade at LPW Mayhem.
– June 19th, Casanova defeated Triplelicious for the NCW New England Title.
– June 26th, Casanova & Brian Fury defeated The FBI (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke) at LPW StarClash II.
– July 10th, Casanova challenged Randy Shawn for the LPW Heavyweight Title.
– August 15th, Casanova defeated TK O’Ryan at LPW High Incident.
– September 25th, Casanova lost the NCW New England Title to Scott Levesque in a 3-Way.
– November 20th, Casanova defeated Brick Mastone at NCW WrestleFest XI.
– February 19, 2016, Casanova won a 3-Way at NCW Collision Course.
– February 27th, Casanova defeated Vinny Marseglia at LPW Blizzard Brawl.
– March 11th, Casanova defeated Tim Lennox at NCW March Madness ’16.
– April 9th, Casanova defeated Scotty Slade at LPW Homecoming ’16.
– May 27th, Casanova lost to Ruy Batello at the NCW 19th Year Reunion.
– July 9th, Casanova defeated Anthony Greene at PVP Civil War.
– August 19th, Casanova retained the Liberty States Heavyweight Title in a 4-Way.
– August 20th, Casanova defeated Tomahawk at LPW High Incident 2.
– September 24th, Casanova & Brick Mastone defeated The DangerKid & Aiden Aggro at Limitless Past Your Bedtime.
– November 23rd, Casanova, Brick Mastone & Travis Gordon defeated Brad Hollister, Hammer Tunis & TK O’Ryan at UFO Wrestling Harvest Havoc ’16.
– December 30th, Casanova competed in the TRP Spindle City Rumble ’16.
– January 20, 2017, Casanova competed in the XWA Xtreme Rumble ’17.
– February 24th, Casanova competed in the final 4-Way Elimination in the CW Chase for the Gold Tournament.
– March 8th, Casanova defeated Hanson at CW Red Carpet Chaos.
– March 17th, Casanova won the CW New England Title in a 3-Way.
– April 7th, Casanova retained the title against Mike Verna.
– April 22nd, Casanova challenged Anthony Greene for the LPW Hard Knox Title.
– May 19th, Casanova defended the CW New England Title against Donovan Dijak.
– August 4th, Casanova lost the title to Donovan Dijak in a 3-Way.
– October 14th, Casanova & Elia Markopoulos defeated The Aristocrats (Pierre Beaulieu & Tomahawk) for the LPW Tag Team Titles.
– November 3rd, Casanova defeated Ethan Page at Limitless Hybrid Moments.
– December 1st, Casanova defeated Marq Quen at NEW Holiday Havoc ’17.
– December 17th, Casanova lost to Brad Hollister in the first round of the NEW King of Bethany ’17.
– January 20, 2018, Casanova competed in the XWA Xtreme Rumble ’18.
– February 24th, The Heat (Casanova & Elia Markopoulos) retained the LPW Tag Team Titles against Anthony Greene & Scotty Slade.
– March 16th, Killanova Inc. (Casanova & Triplelicious) won the CW Tag Team Titles in a 3-Way.
– March 30th, Casanova defeated Brody King at Limitless Only Fools are Satisfied.
– April 14th, Casanova defeated Anthony Stone at LPW Mayhem ’18.
– April 20th, Casanova lost to Rey Fenix at NEW LuchaMania.
– May 19th, The Heat lost the LPW Tag Team Titles to Mikey Webb & Scotty Slade.
– June 1st, Casanova won the CW Chaotic Countdown ’18, also Killanova Inc. lost the CW Tag Team Titles to The Maine State Posse (The DangerKid & Aiden Aggro).
– July 7th, Casanova defeated Darby Allin at NEW Long Live the King.
– July 27th, Casanova competed in the Final 4-Way Elimination in the Limitless Vacationland Cup ’18.
– August 24th, Casanova challenged JT Dunn for the CW Heavyweight Title.
– September 13th, Casanova defeated Brian Milonas at CW Thursday Night Chaos II.
– October 20th, Casanova defeated Mike Verna at NEW Destiny ’18.
– November 17th, Casanova defeated Hammer Tunis at NEW Autumn Armageddon ’18.
– January 26, 2019, Casanova challenged Brad Hollister for the NEW Over the Top ’19.
– March 3rd, Casanova defeated Mike Verna at NEW LuchaMania 2.
– March 29th, Casanova defeated JT Dunn for the CW Heavyweight Title.
– April 27th, Casanova & JT Dunn lost to The Lucha Brothers (Fenix & Pentagon Jr.) at NEW Spring Slam ’19.
– May 26th, Casanova defeated Ken Broadway at WHAT X.
– June 8th, Casanova defeated Royce Bishop at PVP Fight for Your Right.
– June 14th, Casanova defended the CW Heavyweight Title against Josh Briggs.
– June 28th, Casanova retained the title in a 3-Way.
– July 12th, Casanova lost to Kevin Blackwood in the first round of the Limitless Vacationland Cup ’19.
– July 19th, Casanova lost the CW Heavyweight Title to Anthony Greene.
– July 21st, Casanova defeated Jimmy Preston at ROH Mass Hysteria.
– August 24th, Casanova lost to Kip Sabian at NEW Heat Wave ’19.
– August 30th, Casanova defeated Anthony Greene for the CW Heavyweight Title.
– October 19th, Casanova lost to Keith Youngblood at NEW Autumn Ambush ’19.
– November 7th, Casanova lost to John Silver on Beyond Uncharted Territory.
– November 22nd, Casanova retained the CW Heavyweight Title in a 3-Way.
– December 21st, Casanova won the vacant NEW Live Title in a 3-Way.
– December 26th, Casanova defeated Richard Holliday to win the Beyond Pride of New England Tournament for Tomorrow.
– December 31st, Casanova defeated Tony Deppen at Beyond Heavy Lies the Crown ’19.
– January 25, 2020, Casanova retained the NEW Live Title against Richard Holliday.
– February 9th, Casanova lost to Will Allday in the semi-finals of the CLW Rookie Card Tournament.
– February 15th, Casanova retained the NEW Live Title against Flip Gordon.
– March 7th, Casanova defended the title against Delirious.
– July 26th, Casanova defeated Blake Christian at Beyond Two Weeks Notice.
– October 3rd, Casanova lost to ACH in the first round of the BLP Turbo Graps 16 ’20.
– October 21st, Casanova defeated Rip Byson on Limitless The Road.
– December 16th, Casanova defeated Alec Price on Limitless The Road.
– December 19th, Casanova won both the Limitless Vacationland Cup ’20 & the vacant Limitless Wrestling World Title by winning a 4-Way Elimination.
– December 31st, Casanova lost the CW Heavyweight Title to Mike Verna in a 4-Way.
– February 11, 2021, Casanova defeated JT Dunn on CW Reloaded.
– February 18th, Casanova defeated Triplelicious in a Chain on a Pole match on CW Reloaded.

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