Comments from Parker Boudreaux and Gerald Brisco on his WWE signing

Feb 25, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

New WWE Performance Center recruit Parker Boudreaux says the pro wrestling world will change forever now that he’s signed.

As noted, WWE announced the largest class of Performance Center recruits ever on Wednesday of this week. The class includes college football star Boudreaux, who quit the sport to pursue a pro wrestling career. You can click here for full details on the new class, which includes names like Taya Valkyrie and Bronson Rechsteiner, son of Rick Steiner.

Parker took to Twitter after Wednesday’s announcement and said the wrestling world is about to change forever.

“It’s official @WWE The wrestling world will change forever. #BigBoxOfficeBoudreaux #DestroyerofGods,” Parker wrote.

He added in another tweet, “Let’s rock and roll. @WWE #Superstar”

Parker is often compared to a young Brock Lesnar. He made a recent tweet where he said he’s not the next Lesnar, just the first Parker Boudreaux.

“I’m not the next Lesnar. I’m the first Parker Boudreaux [smiling face with horns emoji] #staywoke,” he wrote.

Parker has been using the “Destroyer of Gods” nickname as of late. He made another tweet this week hyping up the persona.

“Demons leave my crib with bloody nose and black eyes,” he wrote.

Parker also warned fans about bootleg merchandise, writing, “Please don’t purchase any Parker Boudreaux ‘merch’. My shirts are getting bootlegged and are not out yet. Please RP”

Boudreaux has already developed a strong following on social media, if not the biggest fanbase out of the recent WWE Performance Center recruits, next to Valkyrie. He called on his fans earlier in the week before his WWE signing was announced, asking, “Where my stans at”

It’s interesting to note that Boudreaux re-tweeted several post-signing comments this week, but now it appears he has removed those re-tweets.

One comment came from former WWE Superstar Eva Marie, who has apparently been working with Parker and has been rumored for a WWE return herself.

“It’s go time baby!!! Super pumped for you [raising hands emoji x 3] LFG [mechanical arm emoji],” Eva wrote.

Another tweet was from WWE Hall of Famer and former talent scout for the company, who often scouted athletes to be signed. Brisco responded to Parker’s “world will change” tweet and wrote, “#Briscoboy.”

Brisco also posted a photo with Parker and other recruits, writing, “The future looks bright #briscoboys”

Stay tuned for more on Boudreaux in WWE. You can see the related tweets below, along with some of his recent photos from shoots he’s had done:

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