Update on why Paul Wight did not re-sign with WWE

Feb 24, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Pro wrestling veteran Big Show (Paul Wight) reportedly left WWE after the two sides were unable to agree on financial terms for a new contract.

As noted earlier today at this link, AEW has announced that Wight signed a long-term contract to wrestle and be a commentator for the new AEW “Dark: Elevation” series that premieres soon on YouTube. PWInsider reports that Wight and WWE failed to agree on terms for a new contract last month, just days after he appeared on the RAW Legends Night episode on January 4.

It was noted that while at RAW on January 4, Wight was very open about his unhappiness with the contract situation.

It appears the departure was finalized between WWE and Wight last week as Show was officially moved to the WWE Alumni roster on last Friday, February 19.

AEW is set to announce more details on Wight’s signing and Elevation during tonight’s Dynamite episode on TNT. “Big Show” remains the #1 trend on Twitter today, while “Wight” is currently trending at #5 worldwide.

Big Show’s last WWE match came on the July 20, 2020 RAW episode, a loss to Randy Orton. He had only worked a handful of matches last year, and spent all of 2019 on the shelf with an injury. He did appear for The Undertaker’s “Final Farewell” segment at the Survivor Series in 2020, and appeared at RAW Legends Night back on January 4 of this year. Show first signed with WWE back in February 1999. He leaves the company as a Grand Slam Champion – a two-time WWE Champion, a one-time ECW Champion, a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, a three-time WWE Hardcore Champion, a one-time WWE United States Champion, a one-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, and a eight-time Tag Team Champion.

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  1. Jon says:

    Sting trended on twitter also and did nothing to improve ratings. AEW unfortunately will never grow as a company because they cater to hard to the mark. The casuals stopped caring about this guy years ago. All these comments… They are were the same for Sting and every other WWE reject. I want an alternative to WWE.. not WWE circa 2010

  2. Michael says:


    AEW is the true alternative to WWE and isn’t WWE Circa 2010…Any promotion needs established names to teach the new talent and needs names that tv stations will recognize. They are doing a good job the are establishing new talent which is what every company needs to do… Look at TNA when AJ Styles wasn’t a house hold name… So stop complaining and just sit back and watch

  3. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:

    @Michael You’re right about how any company needs established stars to help get eyes on the product (that’s why Jericho being the first champ was a smart move), but they’re not the “true alternative”. They’re very niche. They’re product is specific to people that already like that kind of stuff.

  4. HereForTheLawls says:

    Jon is right though, causal fans don’t care and this isn’t enticing them in to grow their brand, as a complete casual viewer I lost interest in AEW long time ago and nothing has brought my attention to tune in again and when I tune in nothing grabs and keeps.

  5. Revan says:

    @HereForTheLawls pretty much summarized the problem with AEW. Yes, AEW beats NXT in ratings every week, but they’re not growing. They have occasional spikes in total viewership but it doesn’t last very long. It really looks like every now and then, a handful of fans come back to see what’s new but don’t stick around. I’m guilty of that.

    (And I’m not defending NXT, either. They lose every week! haha)

  6. Alex burns says:

    And remember how hard aew and Jericho got burned on social media when casuals and old fans happened to catch it, it wasn’t flattering. Aew caters to the marks and the hardcore anti wwe

  7. Taxx W Hoodchicken says:


    WHO ARE THESE YOUNG TALENTS THAT THESE ESTABLISHED NAMES ARE TEACHING? You’re certainly not referring to the crybabies that don’t wanna listen to Former WWE Executive Vice President Of Talent Relations Jim Ross, Former Territory owner with his father Tully Blanchard, world class promo and heat machine, the former WWE Producer Arn Anderson, or even world class psychologist and promo and former WWE producer Jake The Snake Roberts.

  8. Matthew P Lightizer says:

    “AEW beats NXT in ratings every week”
    Most weeks AEW beats NXT in the viewer ratings. NXT has been on USA since the week of September 16-20th 2019 when NXT got a rating of 1,179,000. AEW been on TNT since the week of Sept 30th – Oct 4th 2019 (the week that the Wednesday Night Wars began).

    Weeks where NXT beat AEW in the viewer ratings or where they tied with each other in the viewer ratings.


    Nov. 18-22: NXT: 916,000. AEW: 893,000 (NXT’s highest rating win since the Wednesday Night Wars started)
    Nov. 25-29: NXT: 810,000. AEW: 633,000
    Dec. 9-13: NXT and AEW both ending up on 778,000.
    Dec. 16-20: NXT: 795,000. AEW: 683,000
    Dec. 23-27: NXT: 831,000. AEW: No rating due to no episode that week.


    April 6-10: AEW: 692,000. NXT: 693,000
    April 13-17: AEW: 683,000. NXT: 692,000
    June 22-26: AEW: 633,000. NXT: 786,000
    6/29 – 7/3: AEW: 748,000. NXT: 792,000
    July 6-10: AEW: 715,000. NXT: 759,000 (First time that NXT beat AEW in the ratings 3 weeks running back-to-back)
    August 17-21: AEW: 755,000. NXT: 824,000
    August 24-28: AEW: 813,000. NXT: 853,000
    October 26–30: AEW: 781,000. NXT: 876,000 (The last time that NXT beat AEW in the ratings)

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