Updates on Sheamus and Drew McIntyre

Feb 23, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Drew McIntyre was backstage for last night’s WWE RAW but not used.

There had been some speculation on McIntyre appearing for RAW to address his WWE Title loss at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, but that never happened. PWInsider reports that McIntyre was backstage at Tropicana Field.

On a related note, Sheamus says he still wants a singles match with his former best friend.

Last night’s RAW saw Sheamus defeat Jeff Hardy in singles action. Below is post-match video of Sarah Schreiber interviewing Sheamus after the match. She asked him if the win was satisfying. The Celtic Warrior said the win was not satisfying, and then ranted about AJ Styles taking him out of the Elimination Chamber match on Sunday. He then made it clear he still wants McIntyre one-on-one.

“What kind of politics are going on in this place, right? You’re promised something and it’s never delivered,” Sheamus said. “Drew McIntyre, two weeks in a row I had you beat.The first time was a sure-fire thing, the second, well it was going to be an obvious victory for me. You dodged a bullet, but look what happened in the end. You could’ve avoided all this mess, this entire mess, if you’d just given me what I deserved.

“No, this isn’t satisfying. What will be satisfying is when I get Drew McIntyre one-on-one, because that’s been brewing for 20 years.”

Next week’s RAW will be headlined by Bobby Lashley vs. WWE Champion The Miz with the title on the line. There is no word on if McIntyre and Sheamus will get involved.

Stay tuned for more.

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