Moxley says AEW and WWE won’t ever work together, new talent report to the WWE PC

Feb 23, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

– Via Insider the Ropes: “That would never happen. That’s not even worth wasting any mental energy to… You know. I mean, if you want to fantasy book some cool shit. You know, maybe you could fantasy book it for, like, fun magazine, stuff. You know, Like back in the day, in magazines, you used to always have, like, ‘Dream match. Bill Goldberg versus Steve Austin,’ in ’98. But that ain’t gonna happen.”

– Bronson Rechsteiner (Rick Steiner’s son), Zoey Stark aka Lacey Ryan, Christian Hubble, Gigi Dolin (Priscilla Kelly), Parker Boudreaux, Christian Brigham, Angela Arnold (AQA), Anthony Henry, Cora Jade, and Karissa Rivera reported the WWE Performance Center today, reports PWInsider.

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