Impact Report 2/23/21

Feb 23, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact WrestlingD’Lo Brown and Matt Stryker are once again on the call.

Before Impact once again leads into the main show with Fallah Bahh VS Johnny Swinger in the main event.  Swinger scores the upset win as the show ends.

We get a recap of last week’s show to start us off.

Match 1.  Tables Match.  Deaner VS Jake Something

(Cody) Deaner comes out by himself.  (Cousin) Jake Something also comes out with no backup.  The question remains, will VBD make their presence known at some point.  Deaner charges Jake begins biting his cousin.  Jake corners him with elbows and follows it up with a clothesline.  Jake then heads to the outside and sets up a table.  Deaner stops him and hurls him into the barricade.  Jake recovers and Deaner takes punishment on the barricade.  The table is then mounted between the ropes by Jake.  Deaner re-enters the ring and drop toe holds Jake into the corner of the table.  Deaner then sling shots Jake from the mat to the bottom of the table, which was set up between the 2nd and 3rd ropes.  Deaner then goes to retrieve another table.  Neither are able to accomplish it, but Jake again hits his face hard on the edge of the table.  He then places on yet another table on the outside.  Deaner goes to the top rope, but Jake meets him there.  Deaner tosses Jake to the mat, by pulling his hair.  Jake recovers and spears Deaner and follows it up with a power bomb.  Strange he didn’t put Deaner threw the table.   The two tumble to the outside again.  Jake trips and falls hard on the metal stairs.  Cody beats him as the go up the ramp.  Jake fights back, but Deaner crotches Jake.  Deaner chases hard at Jake, he turns and Black Hole Slams Deaner threw the table for the win.

Winner Jake Something.

Moose attacks Jake from behind.  He spears him threw the table in the corner.

Scott D’Amore enters and tells Moose to leave the arena.  Moose says he isn’t leaving.   Jake gets to his feet and he wants a piece of Moose.  D’Amore tells everyone to calm down.  D’Amore says you want to be a real World Champion, congrats.  Tonight you are an official World Champion and you will face Jake Something in the Main Event.

Match 2.  X Division 6 Man.  Trey Miguel, Willie Mack and Josh Alexander VS Black Taurus, (with Decay) Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) and Chris Bey

Trey and Bey start off and the two high flyers toss each other around and roll each other up for a few false finishes.  Ace tags in as does Mack.  He and Josh take turns shoving Ace into the turnbuckle, shoulder first.  Taurus tags in and he and Mack trade arm drags and dropkicks.  Taurus and Josh trade vicious chops in the corner.  Taurus gets the best of him and mounts the top and moonsaults himself onto Alexander for a two count.

Back from break, Ace is tagging Bey in after laying a beating on Josh Alexander.  Alexander catches Bey mid air and powerbombs him on his knee.  Trey tags in and these two long time foes pick up the pace.  Trey drops an elbow and all hell breaks loose.  Ace and Mack end up being the legal two in the ring.  Mack hits a pop up uppercut.  Ace catches Mack on the top rope and flips him off the top rope and then hits The Fall for a two count.  Taurus enters and locks on the backbreaker on Trey.  Josh hits a suplex on Taurus and Bey takes out Josh.  Mack hits a fall away slam on Bey, but misses a splash off the top rope.  Bey hits a Spring Board Cutter on Mack for the win.

Winners.  Bey, Taurus and Ace Austin

Sami Callahan is waiting for Trey backstage.  He starts taunting Trey that he is ready to quit.  Trey freaks out and attacks Sami physically.  A ref breaks it up, but Sami is just shown laughing.

Flashback Match.  Decay retain the tag championships VS Jessie Gathers Robbie E

A Decay promo is cut backstage.  Rosemary and Crazzy Steve cut a pretty strange promo as Black Taurus growls.  They want championships.

An AEW Announcement is up next.  A large contingent of wrestlers are with Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan.  The wrestlers all talk about their matches tomorrow night on Dynamite.  Khan makes up of Impact a bit, but this was more about promoting their show than anything else.

Havok and Neveah are shown backstage.  Neveah tells Havok she needs time.  In walks Kaleb with a K and Tenille Dashwood.  Dashwood tries to set up a tag team.  Havok isn’t interested, but Kaleb says he felt the chemistry after Havok walked off.

Match 3.  XXXL VS The Good Brothers ( Impact World Tag Champions)

Stryker brings up everyone wants the Good Brothers, even NJPW’s Fin JuiceLarry D and  Karl Anderson start off.  Doc Gallows quickly tags in and he hits a fall away slam on Larry D.  Anderson tags back in and the Machine Gun hits a few punches and quickly tags Doc back in.  Acey Romero comes in and Doc clotheslines both of them.

Anderson rakes his boot laces on Acey’s face.  Acey shoves Anderson in their corner and he and Larry begin to change the momentum.  Larry tags in and uses his weight to slow down the match, and prohibit Anderson from breathing.

After a back and forth, Larry finds himself in the ring with Gallows.  Gallows hits a high side kick.  Anderson enters and they hit the Magic Killer for the win.

Winners.  The Good Brothers.

Back at the Swinger’s Palace, Rohit pisses off James Storm because he doesn’t know how to take a hit on blackjack.  Chris Sabin stops the scuffle from getting out of hand, because he says he likes this place.  Swinger chuckles at this admission with glee.  This sets up a tag match next week. lol.

Juice Robinson and Dave Finley are backstage and The Good Brothers meet backstage.  Juice tells them it took them a long time beat them.  Then he tells them they are the best wrestlers in the world at being hung over.

Match 4.  Eddie Edwards VS  Brian Myers. .. Scratch that.. Hernandez.

Myers walks out and says he can’t wrestle.  Attorney Esquire is back and he says his eye site make it impossible for him to wrestle tonight.  Esquire says they have a replacement, Hernandez.

Hernandez attacks Eddie from the beginning.  Eddie tries to leap to the outside, but Hernandez sweeps his legs and Eddie takes a nasty fall on the ring apron.  His neck looks hurt.  Hernandez goes to the top, but Eddie stops him, but he is still woozy.  Eddie hits the superplex.  Hernandez recovers quickly and hits a body press slam.  Eddie hits a surprise Boston Knee Party for the win.

Winner Eddie Edwards.

Hernandez and a pissed off Brian Myers leave in disgust.

Matt Cardona meets with Brian Myers and Scott D’Amore backstage.  D’Amore says their doctor cleared him and Myers’ Attorney missed a loophole that says they make the rules when he wrestles.  Cardona is named special Referee for a match next week.  Edwards VS Myers .. An EYE for an EYE match is set.

Match 5.  Kimber Lee and Susan (with Knockout’s Champion, Deonna Purrazzo) VS Jordynne Grace and Jazz.  The winner will be the #1 Contenders to the Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Jazz and Susan start the match.  Jazz out wrestles Susan all over the mat.  Susan finally gets a side headlock, but Jazz connects with a shoulder block for a two count.  Jazz gets another 2 count off a forearm to the face pin.  Purrazzo taunts Jazz from the outside.  ODB helps out after coming from the back.  Kimber attacks Jazz.  Purrazzo and ODB are barred from ringside.

Back from break, Kimber has Jazz in a rear chin lock.  Jazz elbows her way to her feet and breaks the hold.  Jazz needs to make a tag at this point.  Kimber gets a two count off a roll up.  She then pulls her to Susan makes a tag.  Susan punches Jazz to the solar plex and snap mares her over to a headlock.  Susan rams Jazz back to their corner.  Kimber tags back in and starts chopping Jazz.  Jazz hits a palm strike and headbutt off a whip to the corner.  Both make a tag.  Grace has been waiting and hits a spinebuster for a count, but Kimber breaks up the pin.  Jazz and Grace hit a double Gord Buster on Susan.  Grace locks on the backbreaker.  Susan squirms free, but takes a German Suplex.  Susan finally gains an advantage from a thumb to the eye.

Kimber enters as does Jazz.  Susan locks on a ankle lock.  Grace breaks free and hits the Grace Driver for the win.

Winners and new #1 Contenders, Jazz and Grace.

Grace and Jazz walk backstage.  They find ODB on the floor.  She needs a medic.  They are blaming Deonna as they cut away.

Match 6.   TNA World Champion, Moose VS Jake Something (This is Moose’s first defense as a officially recognized World Champion, by Impact Management.)

Moose comes out and Jake attacks Moose on the top of the ramp.  One has to think this is probably going to come back and bite Jake somewhere on his backside, but he has to take a chance.  We go to break.

Jake is still on the outside with Moose, as we return.  Moose is tossed in the ring after being slammed repeatedly into the barricade on the outside.  Moose somehow hits another gear out of no and hwhere, and hits a running elbow in the corner and then one of the best dropkick I have ever seen.  He then starts pounding Jake all over the ring.  The match has changed that quick.  Moose takes the legs out from under Jake on the apron.  Jake struggles to get back in the ring and then takes a hard whip to the corner twice.  Jake tries to hit a standing clothesline.  Moose headbutts him.  Moose then takes a clothesline from hell.  Moose is in trouble.  Jake hits a nice slam.  Moose recovers and dropkicks Jake on the top rope.  He hit him on the chin when Jake was sitting on the top rope.  Moose then hits a superplex.  Both men are slow to get up, but Moose is first..  Jake hits a pop up powerbomb!  WOW.. Two count.

Moose and Jake trade Strong Style punches in the center of the ring.   Jake takes a pump kick and sidewalk slam twice.  Moose then hits a short arm clothesline and a spear (The Lights Out) for the win.

Winner and still TNA World Champion, Moose.

Moose brings a chair in and starts using it on Jake, an injured Impact World Champion, Rich Swann enters and makes the save.  Officials separate the two and D’Amore comes out and finally sets up the match for the next PPV.  It is about time!







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