Elimination Chamber

Feb 21, 2021 - by Staff

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– The WWE Elimination Chamber Kickoff pre-show opens live from the ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida as Charly Caruso welcomes us. She’s joined by WWE Hall of Famers Booker T and JBL, and Peter Rosenberg. The panel goes over tonight’s card. We get a video for the SmackDown Elimination Chamber and the WWE Universal Title match. Charly says Roman Reigns will defend against the Chamber match right after the Chamber ends, there will be no rest period. The panel discusses the match now. JBL predicts Randy Orton to win but he’s in the RAW Chamber. Booker goes with Kevin Owens and Rosenberg goes with Daniel Bryan. Charly was going to also pick Bryan but she goes with Sami Zayn to change things up. Back from a break and Kayla Braxton is backstage with Cesaro. He’s confident about winning the Chamber match and going on to become WWE Universal Champion tonight. We go back to the panel.

We talk about why the WWE United States Triple Threat is being changed with Keith Lee getting hurt a few weeks back. The Fatal 4 Way on the Kickoff will determine his replacement. MVP joins the panel now, checking in from backstage. He praises Bobby Lashley and says he is The Almighty. Billie Kay interrupts MVP and makes the case for why she would be a great addition to The Hurt Business. He promises to look over her resume and 8×10 photos, and will be in touch. MVP walks off and Kay is left there looking lost. The panel laughs about Kay not being a good fit for The Hurt Business. Charly talks about Lacey Evans not wrestling RAW Women’s Champion Asuka tonight due to her pregnancy. We get a replay of her pregnancy announcement on RAW. Charly asks if anyone knows who might be a challenger for Asuka. No one has an answer and Charly says that is something we will follow throughout the night, to see who Asuka will defend against. We go to another break.

Back from the break and they plug WWE 24/7 Champion Bad Bunny being on SNL this weekend after having a big week. Sonya Deville is on the panel now. They discuss tonight’s match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. She believes the champions have the advantage, noting that SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks doesn’t play well with others. They also talk about Bianca Belair possibly challenging Banks at WrestleMania 37. The Street Profits interrupt and congratulate Deville on her new position. They want to know why they can’t get a rematch yet. Deville says this isn’t an appropriate place to speak with her, it’s rude and she has an office for things like this. She was considering them for a future title shot but why should she reward this behavior? They finally admit this was rude, and say they will definitely come see Deville during office hours. They leave and Booker doesn’t look impressed. Deville says she’s setting boundaries. We go to a break.

Fatal 4 Way for a Spot In the WWE United States Title Triple Threat: Mustafa Ali vs. Elias vs. Ricochet vs. John Morrison

Back from a break and Tom Phillips is at ringside with Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton. Out first for this Fatal 4 Way comes RETRIBUTION – Mustafa Ali with T-BAR, Slapjack and Mace. John Morrison is out next by himself. The winner of this will join Riddle and WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley in the Triple Threat later tonight. Ricochet is out next to a pop as Mike Rome does the introductions. Elias is out next with his guitar, but no sign of Jaxson Ryker.

The bell rings and Ricochet flies, taking down Ali. Morrison and Elias double team him as Ali rolls to the floor to regroup. Ricochet fights them off and kicks Morrison out of the ring. Ricochet unloads on Elias and kicks him out of the ring. Ricochet tries to springboard out onto them but Ali rolls him from behind for a 2 count. Ricochet rolls Ali for 2 now. Morrison attacks Ricochet while Elias attacks Ali.

Morrison takes over on Ali but Elias rocks Morrison as Ali takes Ricochet to the corner. Morrison gets knocked to the floor. Elias drops Ali with a big elbow, then beats Ricochet down in the corner. Elias and Ricochet go at it now. Morrison slides in the ring and goes to turn a move into a double team but Ali slides in and hits a triple neckbreaker for a 2 count. Ali works Ricochet around the ring nw, chopping him in the corner. Ricochet just takes the chops and then fights back with strikes of his own.

Ali gets the upperhand and nails a back suplex for a 2 count. Elias runs in and stomps Ali. Ali fights back but Elias uppercuts him. Elias with a running high knee but Ali kicks out at 2 as Slapjack pulls Elias out of the ring. Ricochet rolls Elias from behind for 2. Ricochet levels Elias with a boot. Morrison gets knocked off the apron by a Ricochet kick tot he head. Elias with a big sitdown chokeslam to Ricochet but Ali breaks the pin up.

Elias ends up with Ricochet in the ring but Morrison nails a springboard kick to Elias. Morrison with a Moonlight Drive to Ricochet for a close 2 count. Morrison goes for Starship Pain on Ricochet but Ricochet moves out of the way. Everyone is down now. Ali gets up and runs into boots from Ricochet. Ricochet with a dropkick and a kip up. Ricochet fights Elias and Ali off, then hits a double moonsault off the middle rope. Morrison comes from behind but Ricochet nails a Full Nelson suplex with a bridge but the other two break it up.

Everyone is down again. Ali gets up but Elias runs into his elbow in the corner. Ali with a big tornado DDT on Elias. Ricochet flies in with a big 450 to Ali but RETRIBUTION saves Ali from the pin as fans boo them. Ricochet runs and flies out but Mace and T-BAR catch him, then launch him back into the steel ring post. Morrison takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Ali up from behind for the pin to win.

Winner: John Morrison

– After the match, Morrison heads right to the ramp to celebrate as his music hits. He will join the Triple Threat with Riddle and Lashley later tonight. We go to replays. RETRIBUTION seethes in the ring as Morrison stands tall on the ramp.

– We go back to the panel for discussion on the WWE United States Title Triple Threat. The panel talks more about tonight’s card and we get a video for the WWE Title Elimination Chamber. The panel talks more about tonight’s card and The Miz possibly cashing in his Money In the Bank briefcase. Booker predicts Drew McIntyre to retain the WWE Title and Rosenberg agrees. JBL goes with Orton and Charly picks Sheamus. We see the Elimination Chamber structure lowering around the ring as fans cheer. That’s it for the Kickoff.

– The 2021 WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view opens up with a video package.

– We’re live from the ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida as fans cheer in the virtual crowd and the pyro goes off. Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves. We see the Elimination Chamber steel structure lowered around the ring for the opener.

#1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber Match: Kevin Owens vs. Jey Uso vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro vs. King Baron Corbin

We go to the Elimination Chamber as Greg Hamilton goes over the rules for this match. The winner will become the new #1 contender for a shot at WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns right after. The music hits and out comes Kevin Owens first to a big pop. Owens stops and then heads into the Chamber structure, taking it all in. Owens walks around the ring and then checks the walls. Owens enters a pod and the referee locks him in. Out next comes Sami Zayn to boos. His documentary film crew is with him. Owens talks trash to Sami and taunts him. Sami enters his pod and he’s locked in as the film crew keeps rolling from ringside. The referee orders the film crew to the backstage area and Sami isn’t happy. Out next comes King Baron Corbin. Corbin is also locked into a pod. Jey Uso is out next. Uso enters and taunts Owens at his pod. Owens headbutts the pod several times. Uso finally enters his pod and he’s locked in. Daniel Bryan and Cesaro will start the match. We go to a video package for the Chamber match.

Cesaro makes his way out next. He enters the Chamber and stares everyone down. The music hits and out comes Daniel Bryan last as fans do the “yes!” chant. The bell rings and they go at it. Cesaro with two early pin attempts. Cesaro catches Bryan in mid-air with a big backbreaker for another 2 count. Back and forth now. Bryan sends Cesaro out to the steel platform with a backdrop. Cesaro barely landed on his feet and hit the steel wall. Bryan follows up with a knee from the top to the steel. Bryan brings it back in and hits a missile dropkick from the top for a 2 count.

Bryan with kicks in the corner. Bryan takes Cesaro to the top but Cesaro counters. They tangle and Bryan hits the big Frankensteiner anyway. Cesaro turns Bryan inside out with a huge clothesline. Bryan kicks out at 2. Cesaro drops an elbow on the knee and stomps the knee now. Cesaro grounds Bryan by his knee now. Bryan grabs the arm for an armbar. Cesaro gets out and powers up but Bryan turns that into another armbar takedown. Cesaro turns that into a 2 count and they break now. Bryan with an uppercut and kick to the knee. Cesaro comes back and uppercuts Bryan to the mat.

Cesaro with another big uppercut. Cesaro with a long vertical suplex now. The timer counts down and the next man let into the match from his pod is Corbin. Cesaro meets him on the steel but Corbin rams him into a pod, then beats him down against the steel. Bryan joins them but Corbin launches him into the chain wall. Corbin smears Bryan’s face into the steel now.

Corbin launches Cesaro back into the ring. Corbin misses Bryan in the corner and Bryan decks Cesaro, then Corbin. Cesaro comes back and hits his Uppercut Train on both competitors. Corbin catches Cesaro with a Deep Six. Corbin with Deep Six to Bryan but he kicks out just in time. Corbin with a 2 count on Cesaro. Corbin decks Bryan with an elbow to the head, then sends him to the steel platform. Corbin lifts Bryan and runs his knee into the edge of Sami’s pod. Corbin taunts Sami and Bryan. Cesaro comes out but Corbin rams him back into Sami’s pod. Corbin lifts Bryan again and runs his knee into the edge of another pod. Corbin bends Bryan’s knee around the ring post now as fans boo. Bryan kicks back but Corbin stomps him and keeps working on the knee, right in front of Jey’s pod as they talk trash.

Corbin goes back over and sends Cesaro into the steel, then beats him down. Corbin grabs Bryan in the ring now, nailing a back suplex for a close 2 count. Corbin shows some frustration now. Cesaro tries to fight back but Corbin drops him on the steel again. Corbin comes back in and turns Bryan upside down in a Tree of Woe. The timer starts up and Sami is the next man let out of his pod. Corbin is waiting so Sami tries to shut his door to stay in the pod. Bryan runs over and nails a flying knee on Corbin from behind, against Sami’s pod. Sami yells at Corbin while he’s down. Cesaro opens the other side of Sami’s pod and unloads on him inside of the pod.

Cesaro beats Sami out of the pod and unloads with big uppercuts. Cesaro beats Sami around the steel now. Sami sends him into Jey’s pod. Bryan with Yes Kicks to Sami on the steel now. Bryan sends Sami face-first into the steel wall a few times. Corbin comes over and drops Bryan with a stiff shot to the jaw. Corbin knocks Bryan back into the ring. Sami sends Corbin into a pod. Sami rolls back into the ring and works Bryan over while he’s down. Sami follows Bryan to the steel and charges with a Helluva Kick but Bryan moves and Sami kicks Owens’ pod, hurting his leg.

Corbin with a superplex to Bryan off the top rope. Bryan rolls away and Corbin doesn’t make the tag. Sami with a big tornado DDT to Cesaro for a close 2 count. Sami stomps away on Corbin and Bryan while they’re down. Sami runs around but Cesaro picks him up, allowing Sami to climb on top of Jey’s pod. Cesaro climbs after him but Sami kicks his hand, forcing him back down to the steel. Cesaro is on top of Jey’s pod now, brawling with Sami. Sami tries to retreat but Cesaro uppercuts him a few times. Sami hangs on but gets uppercut again. Sami rocks Cesaro with a cheap shot. Sami climbs away using the steel wall. Cesaro follows him. Cesaro slams Sami’s face into the steel several times. Sami hangs with one arm now. Cesaro hangs from the top of the Chamber and drives Sami down to the steel with a kick. Cesaro does pull-ups now.

Cesaro drops but falls into Corbin’s arms. Corbin rams Cesaro into the steel wall and then slams him over the top turnbuckle. Corbin with a clothesline. Corbin comes in the ring and chokeslams Bryan. Corbin unloads with forearms to Cesaro now. Cesaro leaps for the corkscrew uppercut but Corbin catches him. They tangle and Corbin gets sent into the ring post in the corner. Cesaro with the big corkscrew uppercut from the middle turnbuckle. Cesaro with the Cesaro Swing to Corbin now.

Cesaro goes right into the Sharpshooter and Corbin taps out. Corbin has been eliminated. The timer counts down and the next man let into the match is Owens.

Sami tries to talk Owens into teaming up with him for old times sake but Owens rams him into the pods a few times. Owens fights Bryan now and hits a big German suplex. Cesaro uppercuts Owens. Owens fights back as they brawl in the middle of the ring. Owens with an enziguri to drop Cesaro. Bryan gets on Owens’ back with a Sleeper now. Owens falls back and slams Bryan to the mat. Owens covers Cesaro for 2, then Bryan for a 2 count. Owens chops away while Sami is on the top now. Owens climbs up for a superplex but Sami fights back. Sami bites Owens and keeps unloading with strikes, sending Owens to the mat. Sami flies but misses. Owens superkicks him. Owens is the only one standing now as the others are down in corners. Owens with a Cannonball to Cesaro, then one to Bryan, then a Cannonball to Sami.

Sami comes and hits a big suplex on Owens. Cesaro with a huge uppercut to Sami. Bryan with a big running knee to Cesaro. Owens with a Pop-Up Powerbomb to Bryan. All four Superstars are down now. Owens gets up first. Sami is on his knees pleading with Owens. Owens with a nasty neckbreaker over his knee for a 2 count. Owens grabs Bryan for another big Fisherman’s buster neckbreaker over the knee. Bryan kicks out at 2. Owens grabs Cesaro on his shoulders but he fights free. The timer goes off and Jey is the last man let into the match.

Owens puts Cesaro down and meets Uso for a fight. Owens gets the upperhand and sends Uso back into the steel wall. Owens drags Uso’s face into the steel wall while taunting him. Owens runs Uso into a pod now. Owens launches Uso inside of a pod now, knocking the back wall of it out. Owens chokes Uso with his boot in the pod. Cesaro is fighting Bryan on the platform now. Sami attacks Owens and Uso. Cesaro slams Sami into the steel wall. Bryan and Uso trade strikes. Owens climbs to the top of a pod and hits a huge moonsault, taking the other 4 Superstars down on the platform.

Owens with a Stunner to Bryan, then a Stunner to Cesaro. Sami misses a Helluva Kick and Owens drops him with a Stunner for the pin. Sami has been eliminated.

Uso attacks Owens and slams the Chamber door shut on his arm after Sami leaves. Owens screams out in pain as his arm is trapped. Uso unloads with superkicks while he’s trapped. Officials finally free Owens but Uso superkicks him to the mat again. Uso goes to the top and hits a big Frogsplash, covering Owens for the pin. Owens has been eliminated.

Uso goes for Bryan’s knee now. Uso charges for Cesaro but Cesaro uppercuts him in mid-air. Cesaro goes to the top rope for a flying elbow but Uso kicks out just in time. Cesaro flies over the top with another big shot to keep Uso down. Cesaro swings Uso into the steel wall a few times. Bryan leaps from the top but Cesaro catches him in mid-air, then slams him back over the top rope into the ring. Cesaro goes to the top but Bryan kicks him in the gut on the way down. Bryan clutches his knee but tries to hulk up now. Bryan and Cesaro fight up from their knees with uppercuts. Cesaro goes for the big uppercut in mid-air but Bryan backslides him. He kicks out but Bryan kicks him in the head for a close 2 count.

Bryan stomps Cesaro while he’s down. Bryan holds Cesaro’s arms and stomps away now. Bryan waits in the corner and gets the “yes!” chant going. He charges but Cesaro counters. Bryan rolls through for a 2 count. Bryan with a kick to the side of the face to put Cesaro down. Bryan goes to the top Cesaro runs and uppercuts him. Cesaro with another big uppercut, and another as he unloads now. Cesaro climbs up and gets Bryan on his shoulders. Cesaro with the super Gutbuster from the top. Cesaro goes right into the Cesaro Swing on Bryan but Uso nails a huge superkick out of nowhere, knocking them both down. Uso with a top rope Frogsplash on Cesaro for the pin. Cesaro has been eliminated.

Uso goes up and hits the Frogsplash on Bryan but he kicks out. Uso can’t believe it. Uso climbs to the top of a pod now. Uso leaps for the Frogsplash but Bryan gets his knees up and Uso lands hard. Bryan with a running knee to Uso for the pin to win the match.

Winner and New #1 Contender to the WWE Universal Title: Daniel Bryan

– After the match, the “yes!” chant starts up as Bryan’s music hits. We go to replays. Bryan is still face-down on the mat as fans cheer him on. The Elimination Chamber structure is raised above the ring as we go to more replays.

WWE Universal Title Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns

The music hits as WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns comes out with Paul Heyman. Fans are booing loudly. Daniel Bryan is still trying to get to his feet.

The bell rings as Reigns enters and Bryan tells the referee he’s ready. Reigns immediately charges with a Spear but Bryan gets the Yes Lock applied. Reigns finally breaks it and mounts Bryan with big right hands in the middle of the ring. Reigns powers up and slams Bryan in the middle of the ring, then pounds on him some more. Fans chant “you suck!” for a second time at Reigns.

Reigns applies the Guillotine submission on Bryan and the referee quickly calls the match as Bryan fades out.

Winner: Roman Reigns

– After the match, Reigns stands tall with the title as his music its. Fans boo. Bryan is still face-down as we go to replays. Reigns stands tall until WWE Hall of Famer Edge appears out of nowhere and lays him out with a big Spear. Fans go wild as Edge stands tall. Edge points up at the WrestleMania 37 sign and has made his choice for his opponent. The pyro goes off as fans pop for Edge. Reigns looks on and he’s not happy.

– The announcers plug WWE 24/7 Champion Bad Bunny being on SNL last night. Bunny is backstage with Sonya Deville now. She tells him if he needs anything to come see her. The Miz interrupts and they have some tense words as Deville leaves. Miz shoves Bunny back and Bunny slaps him to a pop in the arena. Miz turns back around to fight but Damian Priest is standing there. Miz seethes and backs off. Priest and Bunny laugh together.

Triple Threat for the WWE United States Title: Riddle vs. John Morrison vs. Bobby Lashley

We go back to the ring and out first comes Riddle. John Morrison is out next. We see how he came to replace the injured Keith Lee. WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley is out next with MVP, who is using crutches.

They all go at it for the first few minutes. Lashley knocks Morrison out of the ring into the barrier, sending him off the apron. Lashley follows and rams Morrison from his shoulders to the ring post. Riddle runs over but Lashley grabs him and launches him over his head to the floor with ease. MVP cheers Lashley on. Lashley brings Riddle back in and nails a neckbreaker.

Morrison seems to want to team up with Riddle but Lashley gets the upperhand and clears the ring once again. Fans boo Lashley as he stands tall. Riddle and Morrison end up unloading on Lashley in the corner now. Lashley drives Morrison into the mat with a big Spinebuster, then fights Riddle off and drives him into the mat once again. Lashley with a big Spear to Riddle in the corner. Riddle and Lashley finally team up to take turns on Lashley, putting him down at ringside. Morrison rams Riddle into the ring post from behind, then brings him back in for a 2 count. Morrison mounts Riddle with strikes now.

Riddle and Morrison trade offense now. Riddle with a big pele kick. Riddle launches Morrison across the ring from the corner now. Riddle misses the running kick and the moonsault, but hits a Broton, then a punt kick to the chest. Riddle with a big German for a 2 count. Lashley comes in but misses Riddle. Riddle with a Final Flash knee to drop Lashley. Riddle goes to the top but barely hits a Floating Bro on Lashley. Morrison comes in, hits Riddle, and then nails Starship Pain on Lashley for a close 2 count. MVP yells at Morrison, taunting him.

Morrison grabs one of MVP’s crutches and brings it in to use on Lashley. Lashley applies The Hurt Lock instead, manhandling him. Riddle breaks it up with crutch shots to send Lashley out of the ring. Riddle with the Bro Derek on Morrison for the pin to win the title.

Winner and New WWE United States Champion: Riddle

– After the match, Riddle immediately grabs the title and runs to the stage to celebrate as his music hits. Lashley seethes in the ring as we go to replays.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles Match: Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

We go back to the ring and out first are the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions – Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Bianca Belair and SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks are in the back for an interview. Carmella’s sommelier Reginald interrupts and praises Banks. He’s off to put her a bottle of wine on ice. Belair says maybe they can toast to her decision after tonight’s victory. Banks and Belair make their entrance now.

Jax and Belair start things off, showing each other up early on. Belair gets the upperhand and Banks comes in. Belair uses Banks to take Jax down and they double team her. Baszler comes in but Belair hits a big dropkick. Baszler counters and applies an armbar but Belair fights her off and nails a shoulder tackle. Banks tags in and hits a Meteora for a 2 count. Banks keeps control until Jax levels her on the floor and brings her in for the double team. Baszler works on Banks’ arm now.

Baszler drops Banks for a 2 count. Baszler grounds Banks and levels her with a clothesline when she tries to make a comeback. Jax comes back in and drives Banks down for a 2 count. Jax grounds Banks now. Banks mounts some offense as Baszler comes back in. Banks with a crossbody from the top for 2. Banks keeps fighting for another pin attempt. Banks back-slides Baszler for another pin attempt. The Kirifuda Clutch is broken when Belair tags in. Belair and Baszler mount more offense and Banks hits a Frogsplash from the top but Baszler kicks out just in time. Banks with a big knee to Baszler as Belair comes in and hits her with the KOD. She covers for the win but Jax pulls her out of the ring.

Jax works Belair over and rolls her back in but Belair unloads with strikes. Jax blocks a KOD attempt and then drives Belair into the mat for a close 2 count as Banks breaks it up. Baszler runs in but Banks sends her to the apron, then a knee sends her to the floor. Jax grabs Belair on her shoulders but Banks tags in. Jax with a Samoan Drop to Belair.

Jax takes a top rope Meteora from Banks but still kicks out at 2. Reginald comes down with a bottle of champagne and a glass. Banks is almost distracted but she drops Jax into a Banks Statement. The hold is finally broken. Reginald hands Banks the bottle and she’s confused. The referee sees this and snatches the bottle from her. Jax takes advantage of the distraction and drops Banks with a Samoan Drop for the pin to retain.

Winners: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

– After the match, Jax and Banks stand tall and exit with the titles as the music hits. Reginald hits the ring and apologizes as Belair checks on Banks. The champs raise the titles on the ramp as the arguing in the ring continues.

– We get a promo for WWE Fastlane on March 21.

– We see MVP backstage talking to The Miz but we can’t hear what he’s saying. Miz has his Money In the Bank briefcase there with him.

– The Elimination Chamber structure is shown being lowered around the ring. We get a video package for tonight’s main event.

Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title: Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre

We go back to the Elimination Chamber structure for tonight’s main event as WWE Champion Drew McIntyre makes his way out. The pyro goes off and Drew heads into the Chamber, stopping at the steps to take it all in. Tom Phillips is at ringside with Samoa Joe and Corey Graves. Drew enters and raises the title in the air as more pyro goes off. Out next comes AJ Styles with Omos as Mike Rome does the introductions. AJ and McIntyre are both locked into pods now. Kofi Kingston is out next, followed by Sheamus. McIntyre stares Sheamus down. Sheamus walks to his pod and taunts him. Drew headbutts the pod and Sheamus keeps taunting him. Jeff Hardy is out next to start the match. Hardy gets pyro on the stage as fans cheer him on. Randy Orton is out next to start the match with Hardy. Orton enters the Chamber and the referee locks the door.

Orton walks from pod to pod taunting his opponents. He then climbs in the corner with Sheamus in it, doing his signature pose as the pyro goes off. The bell rings and Orton kicks first, taking Hardy down and stomping away. Orton tosses Hardy out to the steel platform and follows. Orton with a big uppercut. Orton launches Hardy into Drew’s pod and he goes down. Hardy fights back as Orton wastes some time taunting AJ. Hardy beats Orton down against AJ’s pod, then kicks him into it.

Orton gets a break with a thumb to the eye. Orton brings Hardy back into the ring and grounds him in the middle. Fans rally for Hardy. Hardy fights up and out with elbows. Hardy misses a splash in the corner as Orton moves. Orton stomps Hardy on the chest and holds it. Orton covers for 2. Orton grounds Hardy with a headlock now. Hardy fights up and out again but Orton decks him. Hardy drops Orton with a shoulder, then the inverted Atomic Drop and double leg drop, then the low dropkick. Hardy follows up with the splash to the mat for a 2 count.

Orton runs into boots in the corner. Hardy with a splash from the second turnbuckle for a 2 count. The timer counts down. Orton blocks the Twist of Fate. Hardy blocks the RKO. The first man let in the Chamber is the WWE Champion. Drew and Orton unload on each other now. Drew with clotheslines for Orton and a big overhead throw to Hardy. Drew puts Hardy back down, then drops Orton with a neckbreaker. Drew kips up for a pop. Drew takes Orton to the steel and sends him into it. Drew grinds Orton’s face into the steel wall.

Drew tosses Hardy out to the steel now. Drew follows and hits a suplex to Hardy on the steel. Drew goes on and launches Hardy into Kofi’s pod like a lawn dart, almost taking a camera man out. Orton grabs Drew and hits the draping DDT for a close 2 count. Orton stomps away on Drew in the corner now as fans boo. Orton then puts a boot to Hardy’s face, keeping him down on the steel as the boos get louder. Orton comes back in but Drew fights him off. Orton with a neckbreaker to Drew for a close 2 count. The timer starts up and the next man let into the match is Kofi as Orton hits another draping DDT to Drew.

Orton and Kofi unload on each other now. They tangle and Kofi pins Orton out of nowhere for the shocker pin. Orton has been eliminated. Orton is seething now. He comes right back with the RKO on Kofi, then Hardy. We suddenly see Omos ripping AJ’s pod door off the back. He frees AJ and AJ looks to be leaving. He stops and stares at Orton as Orton is leaving the Chamber. AJ runs inside the Chamber instead, entering early, and he tries to pin Hardy and Kofi but t hey kick out. Adam Pearce comes out and yells in Omos’ face, ejecting him to the back. AJ tries to argue from the Chamber but Pearce sends Omos to the back.

Kofi with a big tornado DDT to AJ on the steel. Drew fights Hardy off. Drew with chops to Hardy in the corner now. Hardy goes to the top but Drew shoves him into the pod and he falls down. Kofi with SOS to Drew for a close 2 count. AJ decks Kofi and takes him to the corner. AJ with shoulder thrusts to Kofi in the corner. AJ stomps on Drew in the opposite corner, then tosses Drew to the steel. AJ with more kicks to Kofi in the corner now.

AJ with a Brainbuster to Kofi for 2. AJ ends up blocking Kofi and sending him out to the steel for a rough landing. Kofi blocks a shot into the steel wall and fights AJ off. Kofi launches AJ into the steel wall now. Kofi comes back in and works Drew over. Kofi blocks a clothesline and goes for a Guillotine but Drew powers up with a suplex to counter. Sheamus is the only one in his pod, seething with his back turned on the match. Drew crawls over to cover Kofi for 2. Drew and Kofi tangle on the steel. Drew with a big suplex to Kofi to send him into the steel wall.

Drew goes back to AJ and hits a huge back body drop in the middle of ring for a pop. Drew goes back to the platform and sends Hardy into the steel. Drew brings Hardy back into the ring and hits a neckbreaker while staring at Sheamus. Hardy kicks out at 2. The timer counts down now and in comes Sheamus. Drew is waiting for him as fans boo. Sheamus enters the ring and gets in Drew’s face. Drew rocks him and they unload on each other with lefts and rights. They brawl into the corner. Sheamus with body shots and Drew with knee strikes. Sheamus takes it back into the corner and wails away with forearms. Kofi and Hardy get involved now. Drew sends Hardy to the steel and Sheamus sends Kofi down so Drew and Sheamus can brawl each other again. Drew clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope to the steel.

AJ fights Kofi off as he grabs him from behind. AJ sends Kofi face-first into the chain wall. Sheamus grinds Drew’s face into the steel with a boot. Kofi headbutts AJ to fight him off. AJ with a big right hand. Kofi goes to the top and leaps off at Drew and Sheamus to take them down for a pop. Kofi kicks Sheamus to keep him down. AJ flies off the top but Kofi decks him on the way down. Sheamus and Kofi go at it in the ring now. Kofi with a kick to the face. Kofi goes to the top but Sheamus cuts him off with a big right hand. Sheamus climbs up with Kofi now. Kofi goes to the top of a pod and Sheamus looks to follow. Drew clubs Sheamus from behind in the corner. Sheamus gets crotched with the top turnbuckle it looks like. Kofi is on top of a pod now. Sheamus and Drew trade shots from the corner now. AJ joins them but Drew chops him to the mat. Drew climbs up for a superplex on Sheamus but Hardy and AJ interrupt. Hardy and AJ bring Drew and Sheamus to the mat with a big four-man move. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. AJ and Hardy both make pin attempts but Sheamus and Drew kick out at 2.

We see Kofi standing up on the pod now. He runs and leaps, taking down Sheamus, Drew, AJ and Hardy for a big pop. Kofi covers Sheamus for 2, then Hardy for 2. Kofi crawls to Drew for a 1 count. Kofi is frustrated now and everyone remains on the mat. Kofi grabs Sheamus and chops him back down. Sheamus fights back from his knees. Kofi takes it to the corner and Sheamus keeps fighting. Sheamus runs into a kick across the ring. Sheamus catches Kofi from the top as he leaps. They tangle and Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick on Kofi. Sheamus covers for the pin and Kofi has been eliminated.

Hardy ends up hitting a Twist of Fate to Sheamus but he rolls to the steel. Drew also takes a Twist of Fate but he kicks out at 2. AJ hits Hardy but Hardy drops him with a Twist of Fate. Hardy goes to the top of a pod now. AJ rolls to avoid a move by Hardy so he nails a corkscrew on Sheamus and Drew on the steel. Hardy goes over and drops AJ now, then goes to the top rope for a Swanton. Drew immediately levels Hardy with a Claymore Kick. Drew covers Hardy for the pin and Hardy has been eliminated.

We’re down to AJ, Sheamus and Drew now. Drew and Sheamus trade strikes. Sheamus with a thumb to the eye and a knee to the face to drop Drew for a close 2 count. Sheamus can’t believe it and he argues with the referee now. Sheamus clubs Drew with forearms while he’s down. Fans boo. Sheamus stomps on AJ now. Sheamus works Drew over while he’s down in a corner now. Sheamus scoops Drew but lets him back down. Drew with the Glasgow Kiss headbutt. Sheamus comes right back and drops Drew with White Noise. They’re both down and Sheamus can’t make the pin. AJ with a big springboard 450 to Drew for a close 2 count.

AJ with another springboard 450 on Drew but this time he connects better. Drew still kicks out at 2. Sheamus beats AJ down now. Sheamus talks trash while working AJ over, sending him to the platform. Sheamus with Beats of The Bodhrán on AJ. Sheamus runs over AJ again. Sheamus goes to the top and levels AJ again with a flying clothesline. Sheamus stands tall and yells out but fans boo him more. Sheamus waits in the corner for a Brogue on AJ but Drew comes over and drops him with a Futureshock DDT. Drew goes to the corner and waits for Sheamus now. Drew charges for a Brogue but Sheamus jumps over it and connects with a big Brogue instead to take Drew down. AJ follows up with a Phenomenal Forearm on Sheamus for the pin. Sheamus has been eliminated.

AJ waits for Drew to get up but he’s slow. AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Drew knocks him out of the air with a big Claymore Kick. Drew covers for the pin to retain.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

– After the match, Drew stands tall as the music hits and fans cheer him on. We go to replays and come back to the Chamber structure being raised above the ring. Drew, still slow to get to his feet, celebrates with the title as we get another replay. Drew raises the WWE Title in the air now as fans cheer him on. Drew turns around to WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley taking Drew out with a Spear. Lashley throws Drew out of the ring, then launches him into the barrier. Lashley runs Drew into the ring post now, then slams his head over and over into the front of the announce table. The boos get louder as Lashley brings Drew back into the ring. Lashley drops Drew on his face and then stands over him, applying The Hurt Lock. Lashley manhandles Drew some and then drives him into the mat. Lashley stands tall as The Miz’s music hits now. Miz runs down with his Money In the Bank briefcase and a referee.

WWE Title Match: The Miz vs. Drew McIntyre

The Miz cashes in his Money In the Bank title shot. The referee checks on WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and he’s barely able to move but he pulls himself up. The bell rings and Miz charges with a kick. Miz then drops Drew with the DDT but Drew kicks out at 2. Miz can’t believe it. Miz nails the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin to win the title.

Winner and New WWE Champion: The Miz

– After the match, the music hits as Miz takes the WWE Title and starts celebrating. Fans boo him. Miz raises the title as his music plays. We see Drew trying to recover on the mat now. Miz poses in the corner with the WWE Title as Drew rolls to the floor at ringside. Elimination Chamber goes off the air with The Miz raising the WWE Title in the corner.

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