Chris Hero comments on if Vince McMahon is ‘out of touch’

Feb 21, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

During his recent podcast on AdFreeShows, former NXT star Chris Hero commented on if Vince McMahon is “out of touch” with wrestling:

“I do not know Vince Personally. I have met him a couple times but I’m speaking from my perception of what Vince is. I don’t have any inside knowledge.”

“I don’t think Vince cares to be in touch with today’s wrestling. I think he has his mindset on what type of product he wants to put out, and he’s doing his best to continually put that product out. When certain numbers aren’t met? He’s like ‘well we got to change something, what do we have to change?’”

“Vince has a couple of people that have his ear, and I’m sure he asks their opinion. It’s such a weird question, I can’t say that he’s ‘out of touch’ because he’s not trying to be ‘in touch.’ He doesn’t care what anybody else wants, he wants what he wants, and sometimes at the behest of his performers and his producers etc.”

“But it’s his, it’s his game, right? It’s his game, it’s his ball. You do it the way he wants you to do it, or you can find a job elsewhere.”

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