Bayley and Aaron Solow call off their engagement

Feb 20, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE Bayley and fiancé, Aaron Solow, have announced that they’ve parted ways.

Solow, who has recently been making waves on AEW Dark and would subsequently join the Nightmare Family, would tweet a statement out confirming the news:

“This has been an extremely difficult decision to make.

“Pam and I have come to the realization that we have a completely different idea of what we want our future to look like, because of this we feel that it would be in our best interests to call off our engagement and end our relationships.

“We have a lot of great memories together that we’ll forever cherish. We’ve agreed to remain friends and will continue to support each other in our career and lives.

“We ask that you please respect our privacy on this matter.

8 Responses

  1. Nolo King says:

    Been there and it sucks. At least they are moving away instead of being in a miserable marriage!

  2. Straightedge Shooter says:

    Remember when this snowflake cried about fans calling him Mr. Bayley? I’ll be Mr. Bayley anyday.

  3. Motorhead says:

    But why is this statement even necessary? Keep your private life private, one of the oldest rules in wrestling. In light of all the crap that Bliss and Deville have gone through with stalkers it seems like the most prudent of things to keep their private lives private. I watch it for wrestling, not high school drama.

  4. Mackdeezy says:

    I really hope they ain’t dating because if the politics involved in AEW vs WWE, cuz that would just be stupid. Having said that, I’ve never heard of him. I may have known she was engaged, and seen a name multiple times… but its forgettable

  5. Stonz says:

    @ Motorhead …….. EXACTLY!

  6. Joseph says:

    While I agree that it should be kept private I can think of two obvious reasons for the release of the statement by him. First reason is to derail any wrestling dirt sheet from posting untrue information about the split. The second reason is that maybe it’s for publicity. She has 1.5 million followers on Twitter. He has 10.6 thousand followers on Twitter. He released a statement about their relationship that is being covered by wrestling sites. So far I haven’t seen anything from her. So maybe he did it for publicity.

  7. MRK says:

    @Motorhead, what’s the difference if they keep their relationship private? Alexa & Sonya would have been stalked by those psycho’s anyway.

  8. aag44 says:

    @Joseph: Agreed. And I’d add to your first reason that they probably wanted to avoid fans seeing them out with a new partner and calling them out online for “cheating.” I also agree that this matter is private, but I can’t begrudge them for addressing it in a way that makes perfect sense in the age of social media.

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