Update on post-WWE plans for Lars Sullivan

Feb 19, 2021 - by Staff

Former WWE Superstar Lars Sullivan (Dylan Miley) is reportedly interested in pursuing a career in bare knuckle fighting.

Sullivan was quietly released by WWE back in January and now the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that he is doing boxing training with the idea of potentially working for one of the bare knuckle fighting promotions.

It was noted that the 32 year old Sullivan is a bit old to begin boxing training and you don’t see a lot of 330 pound boxers or MMA fighters. However, Sullivan reportedly has no illusions about his age being a factor and just now starting out, but he is planning on trying out bare knuckle fighting.

Sullivan continues to spend a lot of time in his local gym working out, as seen in the recent Instagram posts below. He noted in the top post that it had been over 3 years since he implemented any Olympic weightlifting into his workout program, and that was the first snatch he’s hit in that time.

“This is called, be fast and explosive dang it! Keep on pushing. Through pain, through hard times… we’ll be ok. Bless you all,” he wrote in the post from Thursday of this week.

Stay tuned for more on Sullivan.

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