Jon Moxley Says He Turned Down a Book Opportunity from WWE

Feb 18, 2021 - by James Walsh

Speaking to Fight Game Media, AEW star Jon Moxley revealed he turned down an opportunity from WWE to write a book. Moxley wasn’t keen on having a ghostwriter write the book for him. Currently, Moxley is working on his own self-written book. Below is an excerpt from Jon Moxley about writing his own book and rejecting WWE’s previous offer (via Fightful):

“Maybe in the middle? I don’t know. I’ve never written a book. I don’t even know how I got sucked into this because I never had the desire to write a book. I’m not a former President. I don’t need a memoir. I don’t have a pressing desire or need like ‘I have to tell my side of the story.’ I don’t actually know how to write. WWE wanted me to write a book. I was like, ‘I don’t have a desire to do that.’ They gave me an offer and everything and they had me talking to this writer and he was like, ‘We’ll talk and hang out on the road and I’ll put it into words.’ I got real uncomfortable with the thought of somebody else writing…if you write a book, it’s your words and it wasn’t going to be my words. So, I was uncomfortable with it. It was money. I asked another guy who wrote a WWE book what the process was like because they crank those out. I was like, ‘If you could do it again, would you do it?’ He was like, ‘No, because it wasn’t the book I wanted it to be.’ That was all I needed to hear. I told [WWE] I wasn’t interested and turned it down. I’m not into the idea of a ghostwriter. I sent in some samples and they loved it and were into it. I sent a couple more and then I was committed. It is hard. I’m using Chris Jericho’s editor, the guy who did his books. We’re working on it. No news or information. It’ll probably be terrible or the best book ever.”

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