2/18/21 NXT UK Report

Feb 18, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

– NXT UK begins with commentators Nigel McGuinness & Andy Shepherd. The ring announcer will be Francesca Brown.

***Match #1: A-Kid retained the Heritage Cup against Sha Samuels. (The Cup was defended in a British Rounds Match as Samuels earned the first victory via submission with the Butcher’s Hook, A-Kid received the second fall in the 3rd round with a jumping side kick. A-Kid then got the final fall via submission with a modified butterfly armbar in the 5th round).

– A video package of the upcoming matchup of Joe Coffey vs. Rampage Brown. It brings up their history throughout one another’s careers, especially in PROGRESS Wrestling. We also see opinions of the matchup from William Regal, Drew McIntyre & Sheamus.

– A video package of WALTER is aired as we find out that he has tied the reign of Pete Dunne’s historic reign as NXT United Kingdom Champion.

***Match #2: Ben Carter defeated Josh Morrell with a Frog Splash.

– A recap of the Press Conference for the upcoming NXT UK Women’s Title match between Kay Lee Ray & Meiko Satomura. Meiko says that KLR is a great wrestler but there is one thing she hasn’t experienced & that’s being in a championship match with me. She’ll show her what a true champion is. KLR says that if she is to become the best then she needs to beat her. She is the forever champion and she can beat Meiko. In two weeks the title match will be held on NXT UK.

– A package of the rivalry between Xia Brookside & Nina Samuels. They’ll settle their rivalry in a rematch with the rules of Xia becoming Samuels’ assistant for one whole month if she loses. We see Tyler Bate being interviewed since we haven’t seen him in a few weeks as he’s been training harder and that he is ready for new challengers.

***Match #3: Dani Luna defeated Aleah James with a sitout powerbomb.

– We see Jinny & James Conners as they seem to be trying to recruit & finish off Piper Niven. Conners said that Jinny rebuilt him as they are building a dynasty. Jinny then says she is going to tear Piper apart limb from limb.

– Next week Gallus will defend the NXT UK Tag Team Titles against Pretty Deadly.

***Match #4: Rampage Brown defeated Joe Coffey with the Doctor Bomb. (Coffey tried to hit the Glascow Send Off to Rampage outside the song but as he moved outta the way Coffey would go directly into the steps & it would affect his left forearm/wrist for the remainder of the match). Both men shake hands out of respect at the end of the match.

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