Braun Strowman comments on Parker Boudreaux

Feb 17, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Braun Strowman took to Twitter this week and reacted to a fan comment on Parker Boudreaux.

As we’ve noted, the college football star has given up on the sport to pursue a pro wrestling career, and has reportedly signed a WWE NXT contract. Compared to a young Brock Lesnar, Parker has even received an endorsement from Paul Heyman. Parker posted new photos and video to social media this week and said he’s moving on to bigger things.

“I’ve played my last snap. On to bigger things. You can connect the dots,” he wrote with the video seen below.

One fan responded to a photo of Parker and said he is “WrestleMania worthy” now, adding that they want to see Strowman vs. Boudreaux.

Strowman responded and it’s apparent that he is not sold on the WWE prospect just yet.

“WrestleMania…?????? Lol call me if he figures out how to even put laces in his boots. #IAmTheOnlyBigThing,” Strowman wrote.

Parker has wiped his Instagram account and posted several new posed photos. He is apparently using “Destroyer of Gods” as his nickname. You can see his new photos below:

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