Fred Yehi

Feb 14, 2021 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Fred Yehi
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 207 lbs.
Date of Birth: November 6, 1993
Hometown: Georgia
Pro Debut: June 2012
Trained By: Steve Platinum & Jay Fury
Finishing Move: Koji Clutch


– Yehi is nicknamed the Savage Weight, Bonafide, The Resurrector of Wrestling & Lord Ambien.
– June 29, 2012, Yehi lost to Geter in the semi-finals of the EWE/PCW Platinum Classic ’12 Tournament.
– October 13th, Yehi lost to Bill the Butcher at NWA Action.
– October 27th, Yehi won the vacant UIW Internet Title by winning a 4-Way.
– March 16, 2013, Yehi retained the title against Jimmy Rave.
– May 18th, Yehi lost to Chase Owens at NWA Smoky Mountain Collision Course 9.
– October 5th, Yehi defeated Steven Walters at PCW Sacred Ground – Chapter 4.
– November 16th, Yehi lost to Jeremiah Plunkett in the first round of the AIWF/EGO 2nd Annual Great Southern 8.
– December 14th, Yehi challenged Chip Day for the PCW Heavyweight Title.
– December 28th, Yehi competed against Adam Jacobs for the vacant PWA Georgia Junior Heavyweight Title.
– January 31, 2014, Yehi defeated Don Yoder at AWN Adrenaline.
– February 1st, Yehi competed in the PWA Lethal Rumble.
– April 19th, Yehi lost to Jason Kincaid in the first round of the NWA Smoky Mountain Cup ’14.
– May 24th, Yehi defeated Kyle Matthews at SFCW The Final Countdown.
– June 14th, Yehi challenged Chase Owens for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title.
– July 5th, Yehi defeated Ace Haven for the vacant PWA Georgia Junior Heavyweight Title.
– August 16th, Yehi lost the title to Ace Haven in a 4-Way.
– November 22nd, Yehi competed in the Anarchy Royal Rumble.
– December 5th, Yehi lost to Drew Adler at AWN Adrenaline.
– April 11, 2015, Yehi & Slim J defeated Big F’N Deal (Brian Blaze & Geter) for the Anarchy Tag Team Titles.
– May 23rd, Yehi & Slim J retained the titles against Corey Hollis & John Skyler.
– July 25th, Yehi & Slim J lost the titles to The Get Along Gang (P Dog & CB Suave).
– October 2nd, Yehi defeated Chip Day for the vacant AIWF America’s Heavyweight Title.
– November 6th, Yehi lost to Lio Rush at EVOLVE 51.
– December 6th, Yehi defeated Ray Fury for the vacant Indie Wrestling Title.
– January 22, 2016, Yehi entered into the EVOLVE Style Battle ’16 Tournament.
– February 12th, Yehi & Gary Jay defeated Flying Solow (Aaron Solo & Jason Cade) at FIP Everything Burns ’16.
– March 19th, Yehi lost to Drew Gulak at EVOLVE 56.
– March 20th, Yehi lost to Ethan Page at EVOLVE 57.
– April 1st, Yehi lost to Marty Scurll at EVOLVE 58.
– April 2nd, Yehi lost to Chris Hero at EVOLVE 59.
– April 8th, Yehi won the FIP Florida Rumble ’16.
– May 27th, Yehi defeated Caleb Konley for the FIP World Heavyweight Title.
– June 10th, Yehi defeated Anthony Nese at EVOLVE 62.
– June 11th, Yehi lost to Cedric Alexander at EVOLVE 63.
– July 7th, Yehi retained the FIP World Heavyweight Title against Kennedy Kendrick.
– July 8th, Yehi defended the title against Aaron Solow.
– July 17th, Catch Point (Yehi, Drew Gulak & Tracy Williams) defeated Darby Allin, Jonathan Gresham & Chris Dickinson at EVOLVE 65.
– September 10th, Yehi defeated Jigsaw at EVOLVE 68.
– October 16th, Yehi lost to Zack Sabre Jr. at EVOLVE 71.
– October 22nd, Yehi retained the FIP World Heavyweight Title against Jason Kincaid.
– November 13th, Catch Point (Yehi & Tracy Williams) won the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles after winning a 4-Way Elimination.
– November 19th, Yehi lost to Ethan Case in the first round of the PWX X 16 Tournament ’16.
– December 10th, Catch Point retained the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles against Ricochet & Peter Kaasa.
– January 27, 2017, Catch Point defended the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles against Jeff Cobb & Timothy Thatcher.
– February 10th, Yehi lost to Tracer X in the first round of the Style Battle #2.
– February 24th, Yehi challenged Timothy Thatcher for the EVOLVE Title.
– March 31st, Yehi defeated Matt Riddle at EVOLVE 81.
– April 2nd, Yehi defended the FIP World Heavyweight Title against Dezmond Xavier.
– April 22nd, Catch Point lost the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles to Catch Point (Jaka & Chris Dickinson).
– April 23rd, Yehi lost to Kyle O’Reilly at EVOLVE 83.
– May 19th, Yehi defeated Jonathan Gresham at NOVA Pro The Great Grapsy.
– May 21st, Yehi lost to Keith Lee at EVOLVE 85.
– May 27th, Yehi lost to Jason Kincaid in the finals of the Style Battle #4.
– June 16th, Yehi lost to Anthony Henry in the finals of the Style Battle #5.
– June 24th, Yehi defeated Jaka at EVOLVE 86.
– June 25th, Yehi defeated Chris Dickinson at EVOLVE 87.
– July 8th, Yehi defeated ACH at EVOLVE 88.
– August 4th, Yehi defeated Ethan Case to win the Style Battle #6.
– September 22nd, Yehi defeated DJ Z at EVOLVE 92.
– September 29th, Yehi competed in the PSW Buttle Rumble.
– October 15th, Yehi defeated Matt Riddle at EVOLVE 95.
– December 10th, Yehi lost the FIP World Heavyweight Title to Austin Theory.
– January 6, 2018, Yehi lost to Daniel Eads in the first round of the King of BUSHIDO Tournament.
– January 12th, Yehi lost to David Starr at PWG Mystery Vortex V.
– February 17th, Yehi defeated Dominic Garrini at EVOLVE 100.
– March 15th, Yehi defeated Darby Allin at SFCW Ides of March ’18.
– April 7th, Yehi defeated Cauliflower Brown to win the King of BUSHIDO 4 Tournament.
– April 14th, Yehi lost to Maxwell Jacob Friedman at MLW The World Championship Final.
– April 21st, Yehi defeated Simon Grimm at BLP Slamilton.
– May 3rd, Yehi lost to Tom Lawlor at MLW Intimation Games.
– May 25th, Yehi lost to Eddie Kingston at AAW Take No Prisoners ’18.
– June 7th, Yehi defeated Sammy Guevara on MLW Fusion.
– June 9th, Yehi lost to Tracy Williams in the semi-finals of the NOVA Pro Men’s Commonwealth Cup ’18.
– July 12th, Team Filthy (Yehi & Simon Gotch) defeated The Dirty Blondes (Leo Brien & Mike Patrick) on MLW Fusion.
– July 19th, Yehi competed in the MLW Battle Riot.
– August 4th, Yehi competed in the 4-Way of the Scenic City Invitational Tournament ’18.
– August 11th, Yehi lost to Troy Hollywood at the ACW Proving Ground Super Show.
– September 15th, Yehi defeated Ophidian at BODYSLAM! 14.
– October 4th, Yehi lost to Timothy Thatcher at wXw Inner Circle 6.
– November 9th, Yehi defeated Chance Rizer at FSPW Resistance 18.
– November 17th, Team ACTION (Yehi, Cam Carter & Slim J) lost to Team TAG (Chris Spectra, Kevin Blue & Billy Buck) in the semi-finals of the Scenic City Trios Tournament ’18.
– December 13h, Yehi challenged Low Ki for the MLW World Heavyweight Title.
– December 14th, Yehi lost to Ricky Martinez on MLW Fusion.
– February 16, 2019, Yehi challenged Aaron Epic for the IGNITE Title.
– March 16th, Yehi defeated Eddie Edwards at AAW Hell Hath No Fury ’19.
– April 13th, Yehi competed in the first round 4-Way of the CZW Best of the Best 18.
– May 18th, Yehi challenged Brandon Thurston for the ESW Heavyweight Title.
– August 1st, Yehi lost to Larry D at IWA Mid-South Summer Stiff Fest.
– August 22nd, Yehi lost to Logan James in the first round of the IWA Mid-South Dodgebrawl.
– September 13th, Yehi competed in the quarter-final 3-Way Elimination No DQ of the IWA Mid-South Ted Petty Invitational ’19.
– September 29th, Yehi lost to Effy at Super Nerd Street 3.
– January 10, 2020, Yehi challenged Warhorse for the IWTV Independent Wrestling Title.
– January 24th, Yehi defeated Killer Kross at AAW A New Dawn.
– October 16th, Yehi lost to Tracy Williams in the quarter-finals of the ROH Pure Title Tournament ’20.
– November 12th, Yehi defeated Jake Something at AAW Alive #3.
– November 21st, Yehi Timmy Lou Retton at TPW State of Emergency.
– December 18th, Yehi & Wheeler YUTA lost to the Foundation (Rhett Titus & Tracy Williams) on hour one of ROH Final Battle ’20.
– February 12, 2021, Yehi defeated Kevin Ku at ACTION Eyes on the Throne.

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