Morale reportedly down after WWE employee meeting

Feb 12, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

WWE officials reportedly held a major meeting that didn’t go so well today.

There was said to be a major meeting held within the company today, where many employees were told that they would not be provided promotions, bonuses or raises, according to Fightful Select. The meeting ended with several employees upset.

The meeting left low morale for those who were present. Employees from production, the WWE offices and other departments were involved, but this was not a talent or wrestler meeting.

There’s no word yet on why WWE isn’t providing pay raises or bonuses, and promotions, but we will keep you updated. The company recently announced record financial results for 2020. They also have the new Peacock – WWE Network deal, believed to be worth $1 billion over 5 years.

5 Responses

  1. Denis says:

    Why? Because they are greedy bastards

  2. Gerry says:

    They need to save money to pay all the rappers that will be coming in

  3. Chris says:

    Why? Maybe because there’s a global pandemic. They haven’t made any money off of live events, and with people being out of work for months merchandise sales are likely down. Ratings have not been spectacular, so sponsors may be renegotiating deals for lower charges. Most major companies have in some way either frozen hiring, halted raises, bonuses, and promotions, or all of the above… It’s really not news worthy or “tyrannical greed”. It’s called running a successful & profitable business while not putting yourself out of business by overspending. And yes, they do dumb stuff like bringing in celebrity guests, but I guarantee that that money comes from a different departments’ budget than the budget allotted for talent and other employees… Of course why let reality blur a potentially good “news” story?

  4. Captain Ass says:

    @Chris – Isn’t it nice to live in the real world? Common sense is nice to have, isn’t it? Too bad other idiots can’t think realistically.

  5. art123guy says:

    @Chris–Valid points, but it’s possible there’s more to the story than ‘we didn’t get raises’. Maybe the staff had been made promises throughout the year? Here’s a few blurbs I found of why some are upset:
    “One WWE staffer who received the bad news vented to ******** **** saying, “Record smashing income. Record smashing profits. Executives all got their big bonuses and multi million dollar stock grants, and the little guy gets bled to death.””

    “It was also said that, by comparison, the bonuses that staff were set to receive weren’t all that much. We were told that, “All the writers and producers combined don’t get the bonus that Kevin Dunn or a Brad Blum get.””

    “Those bonuses weren’t extravagant either. We’re talking about cost of living raises which are standard in most companies. WWE isn’t giving out those raises and bonuses now despite a run of record profits in their earnings reports.”

    Also, people were upset because of HOW they were told as well:
    “Bruce totally s**t on the entire team. He was part of the decision and then wouldn’t even tell us, and he assigned [the task of telling the team] to someone one month on the job, who barely knows us.”

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