Lena Kross

Feb 12, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name:
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 166 lbs.
Date of Birth:
Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
Pro Debut: May 27, 2017
Trained By: Mana & Heritor
Finishing Move:


– Kross also portrayed Ariel in NHPW.
– May 27, 2017, Kross made her debut by teaming with FaceBrooke in a 4-Way Dating Game matchup at NHPW Global Conflict ’17 – Night 2.
– October 21st, Kross defeated Rogan Karguis at NHPW Trick or Treat ’17.
– April 14, 2018, Kross defeated Aaron O’Malley at the NHPW @ Evolve Pop Culture Expo.
– April 21st, Kross defeated Jay Taylor at NHPW Judgement Call ’18.
– May 26th, Kross lost to Madison Eagles in the finals of the NHPW Global Conflict Tournament ’18.
– June 30th, Kross competed in the NHPW Rumble.
– July 11th, Kross lost to Angelina Love on HOH 46.
– September 6th, Ariel competed in the NHPW Ruler of the Universe Infinity Gauntlet 4-Way.
– September 15th, Kross defeated Lazar Armani on the NHPW Slaughterhouse Show.
– October 13th, Kross defeated Rogan Karguis for the NHPW Warrior Rising Title.
– October 20th, Kross defeated Aaron O’Malley on the NHPW Slaughterhouse Show.
– October 27th, Kross won the NHPW Disney Rumble.
– November 9th, Kross challenged Saraya Knight for the Blackcraft Women’s Title.
– February 16, 2019, Kross defeated Mattew Pace at NHPW Battle of Honour VIII.
– April 13th, Kross lost to Erika Reid at ShowdownW Battlelines.
– April 27th, Kross defeated Kenicki Wheeler NHPW Judgement Call ’19.
– May 12th, Kross lost to Kellyanne at MCW G.IRL4.
– May 25th, Kross won both the NHPW Global Conflict X Tournament & the IndyGurlz Australia Title.
– June 29th, Kross retained the title against Erika Reid.
– July 27th, Kross defended the title against Brandi Lauren.
– August 24th, Kross lost to Steph De Lander at NHPW Guardians of Wrestling ’19.
– September 7th, Kross retained the IndyGurlz Australia Title against Su Yung in a No Rules match.
– October 26th, Kross defended the title against Tenille Dashwood.
– December 6th, Kross retained the title against Hiroyo Matsumoto.
– January 18, 2020, Kross competed in a 3-Way for the NHPW Warrior Rising Title.
– January 19th, Kross defeated Azalea at FWA Femme Fatales Vol. 1.
– February 8th, Kross defeated Steph De Lander at Newy Pro Hoose Party – Hoosecoming.
– February 22nd, Kross lost to Jessica Troy at Newy Pro 86.
– March 8th, Kross competed in a FWA Women’s Road to Glory 5-Way.
– November 28th, Kross challenged Rogan Karguis for the NHPW Art of Fighting Title in a Last Man Standing match.
– January 30, 2021, Kross defeated Julian Ward at NHPW Reload ’21.

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