Highlights from CM Punk’s Twitter Q&A with fans

Feb 12, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Former WWE Champion CM Punk took to Twitter today to host a Q&A with fans.

Punk gave a few personal updates and noted that the “Jakob’s Wife” horror movie will be premiering at SXSW in mid-March. Punk stars as Deputy Colton in the horror-thriller, which is directed by Travis Stevens. Punk previously worked with Stevens on the “Girl on the Third Floor” horror movie. He also acknowledged a fan who said they noticed he’s growing his hair out.

“There’s a pandemic,” he wrote then asked why he’s growing his hair out.

We noted before how Punk will be featured in the upcoming “Heels” drama series on Starz, which stars actor and celebrity pro wrestler Stephen Amell. Punk was asked how it was training in the ring with Amell for the show.

“FUN. Nice guy, and dedicated to his role,” he wrote.

The “Heels” drama is set to premiere in the near future but there’s no word on Punk’s character. The show is based on two brothers and rivals in the ring – Jack Spade played by Amell and Ace Spade played by Alexander Ludwig. One is a heel and the other is a babyface in their late father’s pro wrestling promotion based out of small-town Georgia. Punk may have given a hint at his character or a particular scene when asked to give one word about the show and why fans should watch it.

“RABIES,” he responded.

Regarding WWE Hall of Famer Edge, Punk was asked what he thought of him winning the Royal Rumble last month.

“Super stoked for him to get a second act. And jealous of his abs,” he wrote.

Punk had two comments related to his former stable in WWE, The Straight Edge Society. Punk led the stable in 2009 and 2010, with Joey Mercury, current NWA Women’s World Champion Serena Deeb, and current Impact World Tag Team Champion Doc Gallows.

He was asked if he could’ve formed a stable in WWE during his run there, and had his pick of anybody, who would he have chosen.

Punk responded, “See: Straight Edge Society.”

He was also asked about how far he wanted to take The SES, and what was his overall goal with the controversial stable.

“Heat,” he said.

Punk joked about two potential matches that never happened, against WWE Hall of Famers Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg. One fan asked if Punk vs. Goldberg would’ve been the greatest WrestleMania main event in history.

“Nope. Put us in first and pay us the most,” he wrote back.

Another fan asked if Punk vs. Austin would’ve been the greatest wrestling match of all-time.

“Would’ve been short. GTS, 1 2 3,” he responded.

Punk, who told one fan that all his old pro wrestling gear is now in storage, was asked about one match he had that he’s really proud of. He recalled a 2 of 3 Falls match against Chavo Guerrero that took place on March 15, 2008 in Alexandria, Louisiana at the Rapides Parish Coliseum during a SmackDown/ECW live event.

The card that night was changed due to wrestlers having problems flying out of Atlanta. Several wrestlers arrived to the arena late, which led to the opener between Punk and Chavo going long in order to stall for time. The match lasted 55 minutes and saw Chavo retain his ECW Title over Punk.

“2/3 falls with @mexwarrior almost went 60 to give everyone else time to get to the building,” he wrote.

Punk was also asked about the AEW roster. A fan asked which current AEW star would he most like to work with if he ever came back to the business. He noted that Powerhouse Hobbs, TNT Champion Darby Allin, Brian Pillman Jr., Ricky Starks, and Jungle Boy all have potential.

“I see five guys that have potential. Hobbs, Darbs, Pillman, Starks, Jungle Boy. And that’s not to say there are others, but those guys stick out,” he responded.

One fan asked Punk about the match against Chris Benoit that never happened. Benoit was reportedly scheduled to win the vacant ECW Title by defeating Punk at the 2007 WWE “Vengeance: Night of Champions” pay-per-view. That was the same weekend that the Benoit family tragedy occurred. Punk was asked what the plans were for the match with Benoit, and if he was going to go over.

“No idea. All we talked about was beating the piss out of each other,” Punk wrote.

You can see Punk’s full tweets below:

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