Chelsea Green Opens Up About her Future Goals as a Wrestler in WWE

Feb 12, 2021 - by James Walsh

In a recent interview with Spencer Love, Chelsea Green discussed learning from Lance Storm, her future goals as a wrestler, and much more. Here are some highlights (via Spencer Love):

Chelsea Green on learning from Lance Storm: “Well, here’s the thing: he starts from day one from the basics and he builds from the ground up. He doesn’t try to throw you in and teach you a move before you know how to lock up, or he doesn’t try to teach you how to be a character before you even learn how to wrestle. You start from ground zero, and you build this great foundation and you just keep building on that. I think that’s why everyone that comes out of Lance’s has a great mind for wrestling and is able to build a perfect, basic match. That’s what I love about the Storm Wrestling Academy is that you can learn all the other fancy stuff everywhere else. You can just try it, you can cross your fingers and hope that you can do a Frankensteiner or, you know, whatever it is, a Canadian destroyer. Lance teaches you how to entertain and how to build a match that people are going to want to continue to see.”

On being gifted the Canadian Destroyer from Petey Williams: “I have debated tweeting that, because I remember on the podcast that was like a big moment for me! Like ‘did he just like really give it to me?’ I mean it’s kind of unfortunate that this move that was so cool and that I almost won All In with is now just kind of a like thing, just kind of another move. Hopefully that goes away. Wrestling happens like that. It happens in waves. And so, maybe we’ll ride this Canadian Destroyer wave and then everybody will get off it and it will become unique again. Who knows? But I mean, everyone, just remember that I’m the only person who’s allowed, okay?”

On her future goals as a wrestler: “I just see myself – I just want people to get to know me outside of wrestling. I’d really like them to see my acting side. Whether that’s in WWE or not, I want them to see that I’m not just a wrestler. I love, love, love becoming a character, which you guys got a little taste of in IMPACT, but there’s so much more to come. So, I’m really excited to kind of show everyone that side of me.”

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