Feb 11, 2021 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Dylan Barrales
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 154 lbs.
Date of Birth:
Hometown: California
Pro Debut: March 30, 2018
Trained By: Santino Bros Wrestling School & NJPW Dojo
Finishing Move:


– Barrales is known as Dylan Kyle Cox or abbreviated to the DKC.
– March 30, 2018, in Dylan’s debut he would team with Cameron Gates to form the Bomb Squad in a losing effort to Dom Kubrick & Robby Phoenix at SBW Dance With the Devil.
– April 29th, Dylan competed in the KnokX Pro Double Ring Turmoil.
– May 18th, The Bomb Squad & Jake Atlas lost to Lucas Riley, Dom Kubrick & Robby Phoenix at SBW Asskickers Kick Ass All Day.
– July 14th, The Bomb Squad lost to AK Ramble (KC Douglas & Michael Hopkins) at Ground Zero: Phase VI.
– August 4th, Dylan won a 3-Way at a Amped/D6W event.
– August 16th, Dylan defeated Juan Mattioli at FIST SummerSlum ’18.
– September 29th, The Bomb Squad & Jake Atlas lost to Matt Vandagriff & Doomfly (Delilah Doom & Eli Everfly) at Ground Zero: the 8th Phase.
– October 6th, Dylan lost to Azrael in the first round of the D6W Kingdom of Heaven Tournament.
– October 18th, Dylan lost to Matt Vandagriff at FIST Halloween Havoc.
– December 14th, The Bomb Squad & Viva Van defeated Ruben Iglesias & The Arrow Club (Kyle Hawk & Desi De Rata) on LAL Episode II.
– February 7, 2019, Dylan & Hunter Freeman competed in a 4-Way for the FIST Tag Team Titles.
– February 22nd, The Bomb Squad defeated Lucas Riley & RJ Santos at SBW The Good, The Bad and the Dirty.
– March 15th, Dylan defeated Delilah Doom at SBW Can’t Knock the Hustle.
– June 8th, The Bomb Squad competed in a 3-Way for the UEW Tag Team Titles.
– June 15th, The Bomb Squad defeated Hyde & Koto Hiro at LWP Outta Control.
– June 20th, Dylan retained the Get FIST’d Television Title against Slice Boogie.
– July 5th, Dylan lost to Tyler Bateman at SBW Up All Night.
– August 17th, Dylan lost to Heather Monroe at SBW Put Up or Shut Up.
– October 18th, Dylan lost the Get FIST’d Television Title to Ryan Kidd.
– October 19th, Dylan competed in the SCP SoCal Rumble.
– November 7th, Dylan won a Battle Royal at FIST vs. The World.
– February 9, 2020, Dylan lost to Jordan Oliver in the semi-finals of the CLW Rookie Card Tournament.
– February 21st, Dylan lost to Lucas Riley in the first round of the SBW Survive the Night Tournament.
– May 16th, Dylan retained the recently won Get FIST’d Television Title against Slice Boogie.
– June 13th, DKC lost to Rust Taylor on NJPW Lion’s Break Collision.
– August 21st, DKC & Danny Limelight lost to Rocky Romero & Adrian Quest on NJPW STRONG.
– September 4th, DKC & Clark Connors lost to Fred Rosser & Alex Zayne on NJPW STRONG.
– September 25th, DKC lost to Logan Riegel in the first round of the NJPW Lion’s Break Crown.
– November 20th, DKC & Clark Connors defeated The Riegel Twins (Logan & Sterling Riegel) on NJPW STRONG.
– December 4th, DKC lost to Sterling Riegel on NJPW STRONG.
– December 11th, DKC & Clark Connors defeated The Riegel Twins on NJPW STRONG.
– January 8, 2021, DKC lost to Rocky Romero on NJPW STRONG.
– January 29th, DKC lost to Clark Connors on NJPW STRONG.
– February 5th, DKC defeated Kevin Knight on NJPW STRONG.

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