News on Bayley getting eliminated in the Royal Rumble

Feb 11, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Bayley was reportedly eliminated from the recent Women’s Royal Rumble Match earlier than WWE had planned.

The 30-Woman Royal Rumble Match saw Bayley get eliminated by the eventual winner, Bianca Belair. She was tossed out as Mickie James was making her entrance in the #19 spot, and then threw a fit at ringside.

Bayley’s elimination should have been a significant moment in the Women’s Rumble, but the camera failed to focus on it. Belair had stated multiple times in the lead-up to the Rumble that she really wanted to eliminate Bayley as the two had been feuding. WWE ended up missing the elimination when it happened, but they did show a replay.

In an update, PWInsider reports that WWE originally planned for Bayley to last just a little bit longer in the match, likely until Mickie had already entered the ring and got involved in the action. It was noted that Bayley was the only Superstar that went out “a little earlier” than originally planned.

Bayley started the Women’s Rumble at #1 and was the 12th elimination. She lasted 29:08 before being tossed out by Belair. Despite lasting almost 30 minutes, Bayley picked up just 1 elimination during the match, and that was Ruby Riott.

On a related note, there was some speculation that Rey Mysterio was eliminated from the Men’s Royal Rumble Match before he was supposed to be, but that is not the case. Rey was eliminated after Omos snatched him off the apron, which came after the big man prevented Rey from hitting 619 on AJ Styles by intercepting the move. There was some speculation on a botched spot between the two as Rey tried to catch himself a few times before falling to the ground.

In an update, the spot between Mysterio and Omos went down how it was supposed to as PWInsider reports that Rey was eliminated as planned. Rey entered the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match at #26 and was the 20th elimination. He lasted 3:47 and had no eliminations of his own.

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