Impact Wrestling, 2/9/21

Feb 9, 2021 - by Scott Porter

The show starts with a last week recap video package.  Dreamer VS Swann is the ultimate set up, but Moose is looming large.

Match 1.  8 Man tag.  Josh Alexander, Trey Miguel, Suicide and Willie Mack VS Ace Austin, Blake Christian, Chris Bey and Davari

The match starts with Blake Christian vs Josh Alexander.  After a slam, Ace tags in from Blake.  Josh slams Ace and snap mares him.  Trey Miguel tags in.  He locks on a short arm lock.  Ace tags to Chris Bey.  Bey hits a drop kick on Suicide, who tagged in from Alexander.  Willie Mack is standing waiting for his turn from Miguel and Alexander.  He tags in and tries to fly to the outside, but Austin tags in and hits a spin kick to stop Mack.  Bey tags in and Davari enters from a tag from Bey.  This match is somewhat confusing, but it is what it is.  Some guys are on the outside, some are on the apron.  Bey tags in and continues the offensive on Mack.  He tags Ace back in and Ace works the boots to him in the corner.  He then hits a leg drop.

Blake Christian blind tags himself in, which infuriates Ace Austin. Daviri gets tagged in.  He locks on a rear chin lock.  Davari takes a double knee from Mack.  Christian and Miguel tag in and they take the match to the next level of speed.  Bey interferes stopping Miguel from tapping Christian.  Alexander suplexes Bey and Ace who jumped the ropes.  Alexander locks on the ankle lock.  Blake hits a 450 to break the hold.  Mack runs in and takes out Christian and Ace.  He hits a Samoan drop on Christian.  Davari and Mack spill to the outside.  Ace misses a crossbody on Ace.  Suicide slams Bey on Ace.  Suicide then hits a twirling suplex.  Christian tosses Suicide to the outside and hits a swanton to the outside on Alexander.  He then suplexes Miguel on the ropes.  After going to the top, he misses a flip on Miguel and Miguel locks on the Hour Glass for the win.

Winners.. Alexander, Miguel, Suicide and Mack

Sami Callihan joins us on the jumbotron.  He tells Miguel he should quit now, before he flakes out and quits again.  Miguel is furious.

ODB is shown backstage as we go to break.

Several Wrestlers are shown saying Happy Birthday to Tommy Dreamer.  Good Stuff. D’Lo Brown and Matt Stryker wonder if this will indeed be the last ride for Tommy Dreamer.

Match 2.  Kimber Lee (with Deonna Purrazzo and Susan) VS ODB

Kimber looks completely scared to get in the ring with ODB.  She enters, then leaves for advice.  Kimber starts mocking ODB’s rather large breasts.   ODB could care less about her actions and just starts pounding on Kimber.  Kimber finally locks on a lotus lock.  ODB elbows her to the mid section, but Kimber takes off her bandana and keeps choking and kicking ODB in the corner.  Kimber tosses ODB to the outside and we go to break.

Back from break, ODB is now on the offensive and does the Dirty Dozen in the break.  She gets a two count, but Kimber kicks out and hits a double knee.  ODB tosses her off the top rope.  Deonna and Susan distract the ref, but Jordynne Grace and Jazz run to the ring and try to break up the issues.  ODB helps them, but gets rolled up by Kimber when when she losses sight of the match.

Winner.  Kimber Lee

Johnny Bravo is holding another card game at Swingers Palace.   Fallah Bahh is kicked out for complaining about the way Johnny Bravo is dealing cards.   They even take his cookie.  Johnny Swinger hits on Alisha as we go to commercial.  lol.  Swinger is gold..

Cousin Jake enters the arena will a mic.  He will address the tv audience about his future plans.    The decision to join, or not join, Violent By Design will happen now.  EY, Joe Doering and Cody Deaner enter the ring.  EY grabs the mic and says now is the time.  He says he knows the answer.  Be the real you.  Be the best version of Jake.  This is the moment where you take back your life.   Jake tosses the shirt, handed to him, and attacks his cousin.  Doering is the heater, and Joe just levels Jake.  EY wraps a chair around Jake’s neck and Doering sets a knee drop.   Cody begs Joe to stop.   EY says are you sure.. Cody says yes.  Cody wants a match at NO SURRENDER.  EY says it is going to happen.

Rohit does a promo backstage and says the X-Division Championship is coming back to him at No Surrender.

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone are back for another AEW paid for announcement.  They promo Kenta showing up last week.  Khan exclaims himself, “The Forbidden Door.”  Who knows what he will allow next week.  NJPW shows up on AEW last week, and what will happen tomorrow?  Schiavone runs down the card.  Tony Khan thanks Impact and Don Callus and Kenny Omega for being the promotion for letting him find out what he needed to do to make huge ratings.

The Good Brothers cut a promo on James Storm and Chris Sabin.  They say they will beat up parts of Beer Money and MCMGs tonight and it is just Too Sweet.

Match 3.  Tag Team Champion Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) VS Neveah (with Havok

Hogan starts off quick with kicks and punches, keeping Neveah off guard.  Neveah hits a school boy for a two count.  The match slows down and Neveah takes control.  She locks on a sleeper, while Hogan is on the mat.  Hogan gets to her feet, but gets suplexed for a two count.  Hogan hits a drop kick off a whip.  Hogan gets a 1 count off a quick cover.  The two trade blows as they get to a vertical base.  Neveah gets the best of that and gets a quick pin count, but for only a count of one.  Hogan then rolls up Neveah for a two count.

Neveah hits a STO.  The ref yells at Havok for some reason.  He yells at Havok,  Steelz hits a Code Breaker on Neveah, but the ref catches the interference and DQs Hogan.

Winner by DQ… Neveah

AEW guys do  Happy Birthday’s for Tommy Dreamer.  This is funny stuff.  They all bust his balls about his age.  This is great.  MJF, Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston are the best.

Scott D’Amore is yelled at backstage by the women’s tag champs about the bad ref.  D’Amore says the ref who is bothering them will not be their ref this weekend at No Surrender when they face Havok and Neveah.  lol.   The Tag Champs lose it.  They don’t want to defend the belts.

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K are in the ring with XXXL, Acey Romero and Larry D.  They set up their match with Decay at No Surrender.  Kaleb says he wants a match with anyone who wants to face him.

Match 4.  Kaleb with a K (with his team) VS  Black Taurus (with Decay, Rosemary and Crazzy Steve)

Taurus is from AAA.  He will team with Decay at No Surrender.  Rosemary makes the announcement.  Taurus enters and basically starts destroying Kaleb.  He hits a Samoan Drop, clothesline and a powerslam for the win.  Squash Match!

Winner.  Black Taurus

Decay and Taurus stand tall as we go to break.

Brian Myers and Hernandez are shown backstage.  Myers gives him money for his help in the tag match this weekend.  Fallah is shown eyeing up the cash in the background.

Match 4.  The Good Brothers (Gallows and Anderson, the Impact World Tag Team Champions) VS Chris Sabin and James Storm

Storm and Sabin are out first.  The Good Brothers enter next, hot off their visit to AEW.  They are more heal, almost overconfident, than they have ever been.  D’Lo mentions they are bringing a swag to Impact Wrestling that was not seen before.

Sabin and Storm have dubbed themselves, The Beer Guns.

Sabin and Anderson start off.  Sabin gets the best of Anderson, and tags Storm, who comes off the top rope on Anderson’s elbow.  Sabin tags back in and works on the arm more.  Storm tags in and they hit a double elbow and then follow it up with a double lariat to Anderson, which tumbles him over the ropes.  We then go to break.

Storm and Sabin continue to be in control after we come back from the break.  Storm rings the arm of Anderson and takes him back to his corner.  Sabin tags and boots Anderson to the neutral corner.  Anderson makes it to Gallows finally.  Sabin is totally outmatched.  He beats Sabin to the ground and nails repeated elbows.  Gallows then starts on the body blows to Sabin in the corner.  Sabin is now completely outmatched.  Anderson enters and locks on a choke/headlock/rear chin lock.  He pulls Sabin back to the corner and Gallows tags back in.  He takes Sabin back off his feet and drops 5 or 6 elbows to the back of the neck.

Big Money Matt and Private Party enter the arena.

Sabin tags and Storm takes a neck breaker and clothesline from James.  Storm hits a tilt a whirl head flip.  Sabin gets a pin, but Private Party break up the pin and Sabin and Storm get DQ’d.

Winners by DQ.  The Good Brothers.

Big Money Matt gives congrats to Private Party backstage.  He lays out a bonus if they win the tag belts.  Scott D’Amore joins the threesome backstage.  He tells the group they crossed the line.  Matt says they won’t do it again.  D’Amore says Storm and Sabin will want to interfere this Saturday, but they won’t if they are added to the match at No Surrender.  Matt then blames Private Party for screwing up their opportunity.  LOL.  Great stuff.

Contract Signing of Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer.

Unlike most signings, this is a happy one.  Rich is happy to sign.  Tommy takes the mic and thanks Rich for the opportunity.  He says this is about history.  He says he has beat two of his best friends for his World Titles, Christian and Tazz.  He then says he won’t hold anything back.  He will come for Swann’s weaknesses.  Then…

Moose’s music hits.

Moose says he is angry as he enters the arena.  He says he was promised the match first.   He then tells Swann he is taking the night off facing Dreamer.  Swann losses his cool over this comment.  D’Amore tells him to stay away or he won’t get a match down the road.

Swann stops Moose.

Dreamer stops both men.  Dreamer says he is proud of Moose’s new emotion, but he is here to change the business.  He says there is a bunch of Dreamers in the back.  He signs the contract and shakes Swann’s hand for the good of the business.  Moose exits the ring, but Swann looks back at him.   Dreamer raises Swann’s hand and gives him a hug, as the show ends.


There is no way this ends clean.

All I can say is, this show is really fun.  They are doing things to make you want to keep watching.  Try and tune in people.  All Wrestling Matters….  If you can’t watch, read this recap and give us a like and share. loves your support.   Thank you.     LEAVE A COMMENT.  SHARE OUR POSTS ON TWITTER. 




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