Dustin Rhodes on Terry Funk: “He is in a lot of pain and could use some prayers”

Feb 8, 2021 - by James Walsh

Dustin Rhodes sent out a message on Twitter asking fans to pray for Terry Funk, who was dealing with a lot of pain issues these days.

He wrote: “Just got off the phone with Terry Funk. He is in a lot of pain and could use some prayers. One of the greatest #TrueLegends to ever be in the ting. Appreciate y’all.”

PWInsider reports that Funk has specifically been dealing with a hip issue, which is the source of the pain. It was noted that due to high-impact wrestling career he had, it likely wasn’t the only source. However, those who are worried about the possibility of tragic news can rest easy, as at this time that isn’t a danger. He is still dealing with a lot of pain, however.

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