Drew McIntyre Says Shaq Would’ve Been Star If He Chose WWE Over NBA

Feb 7, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck


WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre says Shaquille O’Neal would’ve been a LEGENDARY wrestler if he chose WWE over the NBA, telling TMZ Sports he would’ve been like Andre The Giant with great mic skills!!

We talked to the current WWE Champion about the 7’1″, 325+ lb. Hall of Famer … and asked how Diesel would’ve fared in the squared circle.

“He’s a big big man! Very charismatic guy. If he didn’t get into basketball at such a high level, he definitely would have succeeded in the world of WWE.”

Now, not sayin’ Shaq made the wrong decision. After all, he made $286 million in NBA contract money alone … and was one of the most dominant forces in league history.

But, pretty cool to hear a legit WWE Superstar say hoopin’ ain’t the only sport where Shaq could’ve been a legend.

“Just based on the size alone, he would have been a heck of a WWE superstar, and such a spectacle like an Andre the Giant,” McIntyre says, adding … “but add on that personality on top of it — box office!”

Drew says he was actually in the building when Big Show — another gigantic, legendary wrestler — and Shaq nearly went at it at WrestleMania 32 in 2016.

“I was there when [Shaq] and the Big Show had the face-off and Shaq is considerably taller, which I don’t think Show was so happy about.”

You’re probably asking … why are we talking to Drew McIntyre about Shaq??

Well, the WWE Superstar — along with Tim Tebow, Ezekiel Elliott, Quavo, Olivia Culpo and a bunch of other big stars — are players in the Shaq Bowl … O’Neal’s Super Bowl pregame extravaganza.

The stars will compete in everything from tug-of-war (Drew Mac says Zeke’s his biggest competition) to a hot wing eating contest … and all the craziness will be streamed live on Facebook!

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