Edge Thinks Undertaker’s ‘Soft’ Comments Were Taken Out of Context

Feb 4, 2021 - by James Walsh

In a previous interview with Joe Rogan, The Undertaker said that modern wrestlers were ‘soft’, which resulted in a lot of takes on the matter from Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns and others. While talking to WWE India (via Sportskeeda), Edge gave his thoughts on the comments, noting that they were likely taken out of context.

He said: “I think any comment can be taken out of context and I think that’s part of what happened there. In a three-hour interview, I think they took the most salacious 20-second clip. I think anybody, whoever steps foot into the wrestling ring, no matter what era – whether it be the 1940s, whether it be the 2020s – all tough. All got into this because they love it, for the most part. And there’s different challenges that come with every era, with every decade, with every incarnation of what this business becomes. We didn’t have the challenge that is social media. Now it’s a great outlet in order to get your product out there, in order to make your brand bigger. But, there’s also a whole lot of hiccups and possible bumps on the road that come along with that. That’s a challenge we didn’t have to navigate. We just had to worry about getting to the building and producing. Now, the cameras never stop rolling. Now, every aspect of your life that is under a microscope. That’s an entirely different challenge than we ever encountered. It’s just different is all. To me, anybody who ever steps foot in there – badass.“

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