Dreamer on Undertaker’s “Soft” Comments

Feb 4, 2021 - by staff

The Undertaker made some waves with previous comments about the state of today’s wrestling business. On the IMPACT Press Pass Podcast media call for IMPACT Wrestling’s No Surrender event, February 13th, Tommy Dreamer and D’Lo Brown answered questions about the state of today’s wrestling and how the event is going for next weekend. One question was about Undertaker’s comments about today’s wrestling being soft.

Dreamer took the high road on the comments, and instead flipped it to a sports analogy. When looking at today’s business you can’t compare the two because of the evolution of the product. Tommy brought up 1970’s wrestling and how those guys couldn’t work today, and how today’s guys couldn’t work in the 70’s. It just doesn’t translate over eras because of how different they are.

Tommy Dreamer takes on Rich Swann for the IMPACT World Championship at No Surrender on the IMPACT Plus App. Dreamer turns 50 soon, and it’s a celebration of Dreamer’s career. In addition to Taker’s comments, Dreamer talked about his preparation for the match. He’s been training, dieting, and getting his cardio prepped for the match. He doesn’t want to embarrass himself, so I’m expecting a turn-back-the-clock performance from Tommy Dreamer.

IMPACT Wrestling has been on fire for the start of 2021, they’ve made appearances on AEW, and they had a great PPV show with Hard To Kill. So the future is certainly bright with people like Tommy Dreamer on and behind the camera for IMPACT.

(written by Allen Rockum)

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