Session Moth Martina explains why she chose ROH over WWE

Feb 3, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

“It was so surreal, the way it panned out. I had done the tryout and I knew I was set. I had my own reservations. I spent the last five years wrestling as Martina and it’s important to me. I’ve managed to take a character of myself and build it to a point – I remember when Martina got really popular in Ireland and everyone was like, ‘It’s a great gimmick, it’s really funny, but it has a shelf life and will probably get old after two or three shows.’ That just never happened. I worked hard to keep things fresh. I built it up to where I had broken out in England, then America, and Japan, and Australia. I hit so many places with this character that I never thought I would. A lot of it was about me wanting to keep true to Martina. I had also fallen in love with what I was doing; the shows, the freedom of being Martina and drinking and being flirty and grinding on people. I really wanted to consider that.”

source: Fightful

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