2/3/21 MLW Fusion Report

Feb 3, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

– MLW Fusion begins with a recap of the events leading to the Baklei Brawl match tonight between Alex Hammerstone & Mads Krügger for the MLW National Openweight Championship.

– Commentators tonight are Saint Laurent & Rich Bocchini. They run down the card for the night.

– Myron Reed cuts a promo on Contra Unit. He challenges 2 members from Contra to challenge himself & Jordan Oliver next week.

***Match #1: Jordan Oliver defeated a Sentai Death Squad member with a corner springboard cutter. After the match Oliver cuts a promo on how he weighs 220 now and Fatu needs to study because he’s coming for his title

– The referee mishap from the Savio Vega & Richard Holliday matchup from last week is mentioned. Salina de la Renta cuts a promo on the issue how the new owner of Promociones Dorado has deep pockets and maybe they’ll invest in IWA. We then see a recap of the above mentioned match from last week. The referee being used in the angle is former NBA referee Tony Donaghy whom was sentenced to 15 months after fixing games he was betting on. We see the Von Erichs discussing how Tom Lawlor’s Filthy Island will be arriving at their home in Hawaii.

***Match #2: Los Parks retained the MLW World Tag Team Titles against Bu Ku Dao & TJP due to LA Park Jr switching places with Hijo de LA Park & hitting a shoulder breaker on Bu Ku Dao. After the match TJP gets aggressive with Bu Ku Dao.

– Mads Krügger cuts a promo on his match later tonight. We see a recap of Laredo Kid challenging Lio Rush for the MLW World Middleweight Title. Rush says he doesn’t know who he is but he heard that he has some gold so he declares a title vs. title match next week. We then see it’s confirmed that Laredo Kid (AAA Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Lio Rush (MLW World Middleweight Champion) will go one-on-one in a title vs. title match next week.

– We then are reminded of Filthy Island on February 17. Also Calvin Tankman returns next week. Alicia Atout goes over who is invited to Filthy Island and sends it over to Team Filthy as they cut a sales ad for tickets to Filthy Island. Atout goes over who will be there and they are Dominic Garrini, Kevin Ku & King Mo going up against Low Ki to finally determine the King of the Knockouts.

***Match #3: Gino Medina defeated Gringo Loco with a counter roll up pinfall. After the match Medina cuts a promo saying he is a 2nd generation wrestler, he ditched The Dynasty & he’s untouchable. He then disrespects Gringo Loco, but then Gringo Loco jumps him & they Brawl to the back.

– Next week it has been confirmed that Injustice vs. Daivari & another member of Contra Unit.

***Match #4: Alex Hammerstone defeated a Mads Krügger imposter. After the pinfall the ref points out that it’s someone else and says we needs to get the Fu** outta here repeatedly. Krügger then shows up and decimates Hammerstone as the show goes off the air.

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