Impact Wrestling, 2/2/21

Feb 2, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Matt Stryker and D’Lo Brown are once again on the call!  We start off with a recap of last week’s episode.  Trey Miquel’s return match is featured.  What is next for the former X Division Champion.

Match 1.  Tasha Steelz (with Kiera Hogan) VS Havok (with Neveah)

Tasha attacks Havok right off the back.  Havok fights back, but Steelz clips the leg, taking the bigger foe off her feet.  Steelz is caught finally and slammed to the mat.  Havok follows up with a running knee in the corner.  Steelz gets to her feet and tries to fight back with kicks, but Havok will have none of that.  Havok eventually hits a sidewalk slam for a two count.  Havok thought that was it.  Hogan grabs Havok’s ankle when she hit the ropes.  Havok disposes of Hogan and Neveah trips Steelz off the ropes.  Havok hits a Tombstone Piledriver for the win.

Winner.  Havok

We go back to last week’s end to the show.  Ken Shamrock is shown beating up the refs and even knocking out Sami Callihan.  Sami walked off and Shamrock continued to just knock out every ref and security that came out to stop him.

Present time… Sami is shown backstage with Scott D’Amore.  D’Amore suspends Shamrock and Sami agrees!  He then walks off.

Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer are talking backstage.  They are talking about their upcoming title match next month, at No Surrender, with true admiration for each other , but they are tagging tonight.  Rich wants Tommy to take it easy out there.  He wants the best of him for their title match.  Swann tells him he can go all night tonight, but Tommy says we are partners, if he is needed, he will be there.

The Good Brothers are backstage.  They are approached by James Storm and Chris Sabin.  They challenge the champions.  The Good Brothers attempt to blow them off.  Storm tells them they either accept their challenge or they will beat their asses in the parking lot.

Match 2.  Madman Fulton (with Ace Austin) VS Josh Alexander

Alexander is a pure wrestler.  Fulton may have trouble with him.  Alexander shoots the leg immediately.  Fulton tries to punch his way out of the hold.  Josh shoots the leg again and Fulton picks him up and does an incredible standing suplex.  This was an impressive show of strength.  Fulton drags Alexander to the corner and illegally yanks Josh’s arms between the ropes for a 5 count.  Alexander gets free and hits a German Suplex.  He then locks on a ankle lock.  Fulton boots him from his back.  Josh tumbles to the arena floor.  Fulton follows him out and chokes Alexander, leading to a choke slam on the the apron.  Once back in the ring, Fulton places Alexander on the top rope for a Superplex.  Alexander slips out and hits a powerbomb and rolling elbow.  He then rolls Fulton up for the PIN!

Winner..  Josh Alexander

Brian Myers heads out to the ring sporting an eye patch.  Eddie Edwards apparently has done some damage to his eye.  Myers refers to himself as the “Most Professional Wrestler.”  He calls Eddie a Garbage Wrestler, and Unprofessional Wrestler.   Eddie runs to the ring and attacks Myers.  Hernandez then follows and takes out Edwards.  Matt Cardona enters and Myers bails.  Hernandez is taken out by Cordona.  Eddie gets to his feet and thanks Cordona.

Johnny Bravo is having a card game with the cast of Wrestle House.  Swinger walks in with a wad of cash.  Fallah Bahh is there with Alisha.  Swinger leaves.  Everyone is confused, including yours truly.

Cordona and Edwards talk backstage and agree to try and get a tag match at No Surrender vs Myers and Hernandez.

Match 3.  Crazzzy Steve (with Rosemary) VS Larry D (with Acey Romero)

Steve is all over Larry as the match begins, but Larry finally whips Steve to the outside and Acey helps out.  Steve is tossed back in and Larry hits a belly to belly suplex after a hip toss.  Larry hits a few chops.  Apparently they are selling Larry as having knockout punch power now.  Steve can’t get hit by him.   Larry is fresh off jail time, but I believe he is the face in the match.  Steve bites the ear of Larry D.  Larry hits a splash, and Steve kicks out and goes back to biting.  Steve launches himself to the outside and takes out Acey.  He tries to bite Larry again, but gets flung to the floor after taking the knock out punch.  Larry gets the pin.

Winner Larry D.

Rosemary enters the rings and scares off Larry D and Acey from the arena.  Steve stands tall with Rosemary.

Trey Miquel is interviewed backstage.  He says he now will stand on his own.  Sami Callihan enters.  Miguel wants to attack him, but Sami calms him down, before belittling him.  He challenges Miguel to figure out who he wants to be and why he is there.  The segment ends.

Triple XXXL are interviewed backstage.  They said they are scared of nobody, especially Rosemary.  Tenille Dashwood enters and she says she wants to hit Rosemary.  Possible six man tag for No Surrender is set up with Decay.

Match 4.  Susan (with Kimber Lee and Deonna Purrazzo) VS Jordynne Grace (with Jazz)

Susan is dressed once again in business attire.  Jordynne attacks her as Susan tries to get her dress coat off.  This incarnation of Su Yung is much different than any other version we have seen in the past.  Susan gains control hiding behind the ref and letting her friends beat up Grace on the outside.  Grace hits a backelbow, but Kimber and Purrazzo trip her from the outside and Susan takes advantage of it.  Grace bails to the outside by Jazz.  Jazz starts fighting with Deonna.  Grace reenters the rings and slams Susan twice and then hits a Tiger Driver for a two count.

Grace hits a vicious diving elbow.  Jazz beats up Kimber and Purrazzo.  Grace hits the Grace Driver in the ring for the win.

Winner.  Jordynne Grace

Jazz enters to celebrate with Grace, but Kimber and Deonna attack her from behind.  ODB comes out from nowhere.  She takes out Deonna, Kimber and Susan.

Big Money Matt is backstage with Private Party.  Private Party is concerned about their title match with the Good Brothers, and the Young Bucks.  Big Money Matt claims they will be double champions.  He challenges his team to be the second greatest tag team in history.  lol.. He and his brother are clearly the best.  Big Money Matt also reminds them he will make them millions, but he gets most of the money.

Up next is a paid commercial for AEW promoting Beach BreakTony Khan says he is changing the business, like when he let Jon Moxley defend the NJPW US Title in Japan this past week.  He says coming to Impact has changed his outlook on the business.  Make no doubt this is a heal promo.  Khan has Tony Schiavone go over the matches for tomorrow night’s card.  Beach Break is tomorrow!

ODB, Jazz and Grace are interviewed backstage.  They ask ODB if she is back for good.  ODB isn’t sure yet.

Match 5.  Rohit  Raju VS TJP (The X Division Champion)  NOT TITLE MATCH

Rohit charges TJP in the corner and misses wildly.  TJP is the ultimate hybrid wrestler.  TJP spends the next 3 mins whipping, hip tossing, kicking and elbowing Rohit.  Raju finally hits a back elbow of his own, then connects with a running dropkick spilling TJP to the outside, as we go to break.

Rohit controlled the action at the break apparently.  Now we are back and he is frustrated he cannot pin TJP.  Rohit is working the power game and joint manipulation.  Rohit hits a tornado elbow.  TJP recovers and hits a ranna.  He then hits a tornado DDT.  TJP misses the Mamba Splash, from the top rope, and Rohit hits a cannon ball in the corner.  Rohit eats TJP’s boots off the top rope.  Rohit misses a GTS.  TJP goes under the ring and Mahabali Shera drags TJP out and tosses him in the ring violently by the throat.   Shera was hiding under the ring the entire time! Rohit takes advantage and gets the pin.

Winner Rohit.

Violent by Design does a promo backstage.  EY opens the doors for Jake Deaner to join the group with Cody Deaner and Joe Doering.

Jake is interviewed backstage about the opportunity to join Violent by Design.  He says he will answer their call next week.

Match 6.  Rich Swann (Impact World Champion) and Tommy Dreamer VS Chris Bey and Moose (TNA World Champion)

Moose heads out first to a black arena.  His music and entrance are impressive.  He looks every bit of  a champion.  He is cut up now. Bey heads out next.  He is dancing and showing off.  This is a very sharp contrast to Moose.

Dreamer heads out next.  He waits on the ramp for the flashy champion, Rich Swann.  Dreamer looks mildly amused by Swann, but he is more business ready.

Dreamer and Bey start off the match.  Bey does a headlock takedown.  Bey tricks Dreamer into shaking his hand, but Tommy eventually gets the best of that exchange.  Bey fights back and hits a spin kick as we go to break.

Moose now has Dreamer in the corner.  He whips him accross the ring and misses a running elbow.  Swann tags in and he and Moose start trading blows.  Moose pushes him by the throat, to the corner and makes the tag.  Bey headlocks Swann.  Swann pushes him off the ropes and the two go on to have an impressive exchange back and forth.  There is no way to explain the stuff they can do that fast.

Dreamer tags in and locks Bey in the abdominal stretch.  Swann tags in and takes a now recovered, Chris Bey pounding,   Bey uses fists this time to take down Swann.  Moose tags in and lays the boots to Swann.   Moose glares down Dreamer, who is helpless on the outside.

Bey tags back in and picks up Swann off the mat.  Swann bounces off the ropes and takes a back elbow.  Bey goes back to a headlock on the mat.  Swann tries to get free, and kicks his way loose.  Dreamer tags in and backdrops Bey and knocks Moose from the apron.   Dreamer hits  a suplex and gets a pin attempt.  Moose jumps in the ring and breaks up the pin.  Dreamer hits a DDT on Bey and tags Swann.  Moose spears Swann, but only after Dreamer got out of the way of the move.  It appeared Moose wanted to hit Dreamer, but Dreamer took a blind tag from Swann.  Moose then pins the champion, Swann.

Winners..  Moose and Bey

Moose then turns his attention to Dreamer and spears him.  Bey gets to his feet all smiles.  Moose takes both belts and holds them high, before dropping the Impact belt on the mat in from of Swann.  The show ends.

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