Feb 1, 2021 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Effy Gibbes
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 229 lbs.
Date of Birth: June 7, 1990
Hometown: Tallahassee, Florida
Pro Debut: August 2014
Trained By: Steve Hetrick
Finishing Move: Fire Thunder Piledriver


– Effy is nicknamed The Feminist Lion & The Weapon of Sass Destruction.
– August 22, 2015, Effy defeated Mason Price to win the vacant SWA Southeastern Heavyweight Title.
– January 16, 2016, Effy lost the NWA SW Heavyweight Title to Tony Storm.
– February 19th, Effy defeated Damien Bennett on AWN Adrenaline.
– April 29th, Effy lost to Fry Daddy on AWN Adrenaline.
– May 6th, Effy lost to Sal Rinuaro on AWN Adrenaline.
– May 21st, Effy defeated Marcus O’Riley at NWA SW Relentless.
– June 4th, Effy lost to Merica Strong at SWE Zackamania.
– November 4th, Effy defeated Damien Silva at AWN Halloween Hell 11.
– December 10th, Effy lost to Wade Adams at VPW Holiday Havoc ’16.
– December 30th, Effy defeated Tyson Dean for the AWN Heritage Title.
– February 12, 2017, Effy Loves Beastly (Effy & Beastly Brody) lost to Pop Culture (Veda Scott & Jason Cade) in the semi-finals of the FEST Love Cup.
– February 18th, Effy defeated Mason Price for the NWA Deep South Heavyweight Title.
– April 21st, Effy & Leo O’Farrell defeated The Metro Brothers (JC & Chris Metro) at AWE V for Victory.
– June 3rd, Effy competed in a 3-Way for the AWE Cruiserweight Title.
– August 12th, Effy defeated Sugar Dunkerton at VPW Infection 2.
– August 19th, Effy & Ken the Blow-Up Doll lost to White Mike & Mr. Sleaze in the first round of the IWA Deep South Soft Core Cup 2 XXX Adult.
– September 3rd, Effy defeated Leon Scott in a Dog Collar I Quit match at the FEST 1 Year Anniversary Bash.
– October 14th, Effy defeated Damon Rashad at VPW Fall Brawl VII.
– December 16th, Effy defeated Santos at SWA Countdown to Chaos.
– January 6, 2018, Effy lost to Brady Pierce in the semi-finals of the LW/PWB King of BUSHIDO Tournament.
– February 3rd, Effy lost to Daniel Eads in the King of BUSHIDO 2 Tournament.
– February 10th, Effy defeated Su Yung for the FEST Wrestling Title.
– February 18th, Effy competed in the PWX Battlefield X Rumble.
– February 24th, Effy defeated Tony Storm for the DCCW United States Title.
– March 31st, Effy retained the FEST Wrestling Title against Leva Bates.
– May 12th, Effy defended the title against Joey Ryan.
– July 13th, Effy defeated Serpentico at FIP Establish Dominance ’18.
– August 12th, Effy retained the FEST Wrestling Title against Jamie Senegal.
– September 1st, Effy lost to Bshp King in the finals of the King of BUSHIDO 6 Tournament.
– October 28th, Effy lost the FEST Wrestling Title to Jason Cade in a 4-Way.
– November 18th, Effy lost to Pitfall Jones at WAC Volume 2: Shatter the System.
– February 17, 2019, Effy Loves Beastly lost to Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) in the first round of the FEST Love Cup ’19.
– March 30th, Effy defeated Serpentico at Elev8 Pro March Masquerade.
– April 6th, Effy competed in the GCW Clusterfuck Battle Royal.
– April 13th, Effy challenged Saieve Al Sabah for the FEST Wrestling Title.
– May 19th, Effy won & lost the Elev8 Pro Title to Serpentico.
– June 15th, Effy challenged Ethan Page for the Freelance World Title.
– July 21st, Effy defeated Orange Cassidy at GCW Lights Out.
– August 30th, Effy challenged Nick Gage in a Death match for the GCW World Title.
– September 22nd, Effy lost to Joey Ryan at PWX 2 Close 2 Combat.
– October 12th, Effy lost to Chris Dickinson at GCW No Sleep.
– November 3rd, Effy won a 4-Way Ladder match for the vacant FEST Wrestling Title.
– November 8th, Effy defeated Eddie Kingston at GCW Slime Language.
– December 13th, Effy defeated Eye Candy Elliott in a Dog Collar match for the Freelance Legacy Title.
– January 10, 2020, Effy retained the title against Dan the Dad.
– January 18th, Effy defeated Isaiah Frazier for the vacant PTPW 51st State Title.
– January 19th, Effy defeated Ricky Starks for the Inspire Pro Pure Prestige Title.
– January 24th, Effy lost to Rickey Shane Page at GCW Just Being Honest.
– February 16th, Effy lost the FEST Wrestling Title to Wolfe Taylor.
– March 6th, Effy retained the Freelance Legacy Title against Mark Wheeler.
– June 20th, Effy lost to Allie Kat at GCW the Wrld on GCW Part 2.
– August 22nd, Effy defeated Gangrel at BLP We’re Back! A Wrestler’s Story.
– August 28th, Effy competed in the SHW RumbleJack ’20.
– September 6th, Effy lost to Joey Janela at GCW Bring Em Out.
– October 6th, Effy & Zicky Dice lost to The Pope & Watts on UWN Primetime Live.
– October 10th, Effy lost the Freelance Legacy Title to Robert Anthony.
– December 12th, Effy lost a No Holds Barred match to Brad Cash at SVW No Presents for Christmas.
– January 30, 2021, Effy lost a Death match to Homicide at GCW Fight Forever: UV:60 – the Death Hour.

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