1/28/21 NXT UK Report

Jan 28, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

– Tonight’s show begins with the NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin as he discusses the Cruiserweight open challenge he started. While on the mic Trent Seven’s music interrupts Devlin. Seven gives Devlin his respect & says that everything Devlin said was fact. Seven then says how about he drops down to 205 lbs & Devlin puts the title on the line. Devlin agrees but says good luck with losing 30 lbs. or more so then Seven hits Devlin with a right hand. Devlin then crawls back in the ring to grab his title but Seven stands on the belt, looks down at Devlin and says that he will be entering the 205 Division, mark my words.

– We see Eddie Dennis hyping up the Hunt for the 4-Way Elimination #1 Contendership Tag Team match tonight for the NXT UK Tag Team Titles. We see a recap of the domination Kay Lee Ray has had as Women’s Champion, she states that she wants to compete against the best & then a video package of the newly signed Meiko Satomura airs. We then see Pretty Deadly preparing for the the 4-Way matchup later.

***Match #1: Ben Carter defeated Sam Gradwell with a Frog Splash. Before the match, Gradwell disrespected Carter on the mic but after the match Gradwell looked on at Carter in dismay.

– Next up we see Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews preparing for the 4-Way later. Also we see Sha Samuels talking to Noam Dar backstage. We then see the final team in the 4-Way tonight; Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith as they prepare also.

***Match #2: Sha Samuels defeated David Morrell via submission.

– We see Ilja Dragonuv at the training center & he is interviewed about what happened with Jack Starz last week. He says he didn’t wanna hurt him but…then Sam Gradwell walks by and says watch out for him! We’ve got a loose cannon here boys. Then we see Rampage Brown being interviewed & he challenges Joe Coffey to a match as Gallus walks by. Coffey says he may take him up on it for old times sake.

***Match #3: Pretty Deadly defeated Mark Andrews/Flash Morgan Webster, The Hunt & Oliver Carter/Ashton Smith to become the #1 Contenders to the NXT UK Tag Team Titles. Oliver Carter pinned Primate after hitting a doomsday springboard cutter with Ashton Smith so the Hunt were eliminated first. Flash Morgan pinned Ashton Smith after receiving a knee strike into a poisonrana double team. Smith & Carter were eliminated second. Eddie Dennis hit Andrews in his surgically repaired left knee to help give the advantage to Pretty Deadly for the win. After the match Gallus stare down Pretty Deadly.

***Next Week: Jordan Devlin’s open challenge as he defends the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Also Nina Samuels vs. Xia Brookside in a grudge match.

– Final opinion & reaction to this week’s episode is that the Carter/Gradwell matchup was very competitive & a good watch. The Samuels/Morrell matchup was also more competitive than you’d think. Morrell got to show off his arsenal and look good in defeat. The 4-Way Tag Team main event was a great watch for anyone that enjoys tag team wrestling. I do feel that the Hunt were eliminated early due to Wild Boar landing awkwardly on his right knee after a back body drop early on in the match. Boar was very limited to his movements afterwards.

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