Sasha Banks wants tag team match with Snoop Dogg at WrestleMania

Jan 27, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

Smackdown Women’s champion Sasha Banks told The Complex Sports Podcast that she would like a tag team match with her cousin Snoop Dogg at WrestleMania, weeks after Dogg appeared on AEW’s Dynamite.

Banks said that she saw Snoop Dogg two weeks before his Dynamite appearance and he told her that he wanted to do a splash on the show.

“I wasn’t thinking that splash was going to look like that,” Banks laughed, saying that he called her after the show laughing asking her if she was proud. “I was like ‘Dude, if you had fun, that’s all that matters!’”

But then Sasha said that she wants to do a match with him at WrestleMania and wants him as her tag team partner.

“So we got time, I got time to train him. That splash is going to be five stars, OK?” Sasha continued.

After AEW tweeted the Snoop splash on Dynamite, which by the way looked awful, Banks replied with a crying emoji writing, “We’re gonna have to work on this!”

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