1/27/21 MLW Fusion Report

Jan 27, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

– This week’s episode opens with a video package of the Caribbean Strap Match tonight between Richard Holliday & Savio Vega for the IWA Caribbean Title. Next up Josef Samael & Daivari cut a promo on Injustice after they tricked Contra Unit & attacked them last week.

***Match #1: Laredo Kid retained the AAA Cruiserweight Championship against Zenshi. After the much Laredo Kid issues a challenge to Lio Rush for his MLW World Middleweight Championship.

– A recap of Injustice attacking Contra Unit last week airs & Myron Reed says that Contra started the Evolution of Myron Reed. It’s time for war. Next up we see the Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 10 for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

#10 ACH
#9 Daivari
#8 Myron Reed
#7 Mil Muertes
#6 Richard Holliday
#5 Mads Krügger
#4 Lio Rush
#3 Low Ki
#2 Tom Lawlor
#1 Alexander Hammerstone

– A recap of Los Parks defeating the Von Erichs for the MLW Tag Team Titles airs. Marshall, Ross & Kevin Von Erich cut a promo on how they’ll finish the unsettled business with Tom Lawlor & then come after the MLW World Tag Team Titles once it’s settled. Los Parks are next up, they say they’ll go down as the most famous wrestling family. We see a vignette for Filthy Island on February 17th. Gino Medina arrives so he can see Richard Holliday get smacked with that strap.

– Mads Krügger cuts a promo on Hammerstone regarding their Baklei Brawl match next week as he is challenging for the MLW World Openweight Championship.

***Match #2: TJP & Bu Ku Dao defeated Violence is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) in a #1 Contendership match for the MLW World Tag Team Titles. They’ll challenge Los Parks next week on Fusion. TJP says next week they’ll take a stroll through Los Parks.

– King Mo cuts a promo on how he demolished Low Ki last year & how he feels that Low Ki should never step back inside the ring again because if he wrestles him again then he’ll end him.

***Match #3: Richard Holliday defeated Savio Vega in a Caribbean Strap Match to win the IWA Caribbean Championship. The referee helped Holliday win the title. Holliday cut a promo after the match saying the official called everything right down the middle. Vega calls them out & he says they screwed him over.

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