Arn Anderson is recovering from COVID-19

Jan 26, 2021 - by James Walsh

During the latest edition of his ARN podcast, WWE Hall of Famer and AEW worker Arn Anderson revealed that he’s recovering from COVID-19. According to Anderson, he tested negative for COVID-19 multiple times, but he still became very sick and symptomatic.

Anderson also revealed he tested positive for the antibodies, meaning he did have the virus at one point despite never getting a positive test results for the coronavirus. He added that this happened while AEW was off, and he claimed he was not exposed to anybody while he was sick and he self-quarantined at his home. He went on that he was suffering from hallucinations during the experience and saw what was looked like “ice forming on the ceiling.” Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

Arn Anderson on his COVID-19 situation: “As we know, this pandemic has not resolved itself and it’s not being resolved. There are thousands of issues and now there’s a different strain and issues distributing the vaccine and all the things out of our control. The last few weeks, I’ve found out a few things personally. I found out there’s such thing as a negative-positive test and a positive-negative test. You can have several tests in a row that are all negative, which I did, and overkill every single day. I got really sick a couple of weeks ago for about ten days. Thank God it was during the period we were off for AEW and I wasn’t exposed to anybody. I quarantined in my house. I know the symptoms vary by age group, but I got sick as hell and it scared me to death. I was in the bed for maybe a week. Couldn’t drink or eat anything, I was hallucinating and looking at my ceiling and saw ice forming on the ceiling. I had one day where I couldn’t catch my breath and it was a lot of things I had never experienced in my life and scared me to death. Guys, this thing is bad and is varies from person to person. We have not turned the corner on this getting better. If anything, we’re going into a peak season. I’m begging you, tell everyone you know to wear the mask and do social distancing. Take care of your health in general. If you don’t have to go somewhere, don’t go.”

On testing positive for the COVID antibodies: “The [test] I had this past Wednesday, I had the antibodies for having COVID, which meant that I had it, but at no point did I test positive. What was going on in my bedroom for a week was absolutely COVID. It was brutal and hard to deal with. You go days without water, a week without food.”

On behalf of 411, we send our best wishes to Anderson in the hopes his condition has improved and that he’s doing better. Anderson currently appears on camera for AEW as part of the Nightmare Family and Cody Rhodes’ coach and manager.

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