The Good Brothers on Bullet Club Reunion, Too Sweet Hand Gesture

Jan 24, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

The Good Brothers say Bullet Club Fans Have Been Waiting On B.C Reunion & Never Got that moment in WWE & Talks about the Too Sweet Hand Gesture

Appearing on Busted Open Radio, Gallows & Anderson spoke about what that moment meant for Bullet Club Fans who had been patiently waiting for the reunion

“They’ve been waiting on it for years because even in WWE, having guys come from Bullet Club, they never got that moment with the group or any variation of the group. Once Kenny raised [too sweet] up, once we threw it up, and the Bucks were hesitant but we all came together. That was the perfect way to go off the air, the shot with our hands in the air. That was good sh-t.”

“That hand gesture that maybe we’re not allowed to say the name of IDK, but we’re going to do it anyway,” said Gallows.
Anderson added about the Too Sweet Gesture, “Matt Jackson said in the Young Bucks book, doing the hand gesture, [I] dubbed it the Too Sweet, so I guess I invented it, I made the name. We can do whatever we want.”

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