Photo: Becky Lynch and her new baby

Jan 23, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Photo Credit: WWE

Former Raw and Smackdown Women’s champion Becky Lynch uploaded her first post-pregnancy photo yesterday on Instagram, showing her support to fellow Irish Conor McGregor ahead of his UFC 257 fight while also holding her baby. “All of us Irish champs stay ready,” Lynch wrote, showing an incredible glow and looking like she’s fit and ready to step back in the ring at a moment’s notice! The post amassed nearly 600,000 likes in the span of nine hours with many WWE Superstars showing the love in her comments feed. Lynch has been absent from WWE television since May 2020 when she surrendered her Raw Women’s title to Asuka and revealed live on TV that she’s pregnant. It’s not known when The Man, now also The Mom, will be returning to the ring.

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