Nadia Sapphire

Jan 23, 2021 - by Jamie Cruickshank


– Nadia has also been a entertainer, promoter, former beauty queen & a former model. She began her wrestling career as a valet where she managed Jules Lambrini, Eddie Reyes & Saul Adams.
– Nadia has used the nicknames The People’s Princess, Glamour Girl & Princess Nadia as well as the ring name shortened to Nadia.
– January 26, 2008, Nadia would make her in-ring debut by teaming with Matt Vaughn by defeating Dan Splash & Sugar Sanchez at a 4FW event.
– September 12th, Nadia wrestled Becky James to a No Contest at CW Bing Bang 4.
– July 18, 2009, Nadia lost to Sugar Sanchez at 4FW Steel Cage Warfare.
– 2009, Nadia would take a break from wrestling & return in 2014 by competing in the LCW Roses: Roses Rumble.
– March 1st, Nadia & Faith Lehaine lost to Violet Vendetta & Shauna Shay at LCW Roses: War of the Roses.
– March 15th, Nadia lost to Sakura Lily in a Falls Count Anywhere match at UK MEW Blood and Passion Vol. 3.
– May 3rd, Nadia challenged Nightshade for the TAW Women’s Title.
– May 10th, Nadia competed in a 4-Way Elimination at LCW Roses: Mayday.
– May 25th, Nadia & Damian Dunne defeated Chris Brookes & Nixon Newell at Kamikaze Pro Broken Down City.
– August 16th, Nadia & Joel Lightning lost to Faith Lehaine & Billy Duffy in the first round of the UK MEW Ultimate Tag Team Challenge.
– September 21st, Nadia defeated Dragonita at Kamikaze Pro Evolution.
– October 30th, Nadia lost to Nixon Newell at Wrestling in St. Ives.
– November 23rd, Rich and Tipsy (Nadia & Faith Lehaine) defeated Lana Austin & Pollyanna Peppers at HXC Voodoo Rage.
– December 20th, Nadia defeated Chardonnay at 4FW Christmas Spectacular.
– February 21, 2015, Nadia lost to Faith Lehaine at CSF Saturday Night Slam.
– May 1st, Nadia competed in a Battle Royal at HXC An Extreme Dark Night.
– July 18th, Nadia defeated Jesse Sapphire at MCW Arrival.
– July 25th, Team Superficial (Nadia & Faith Lehaine) defeated The BAE Club (Sammii Jayne & Debbie Sharp) at the Empress Pro Invitational ’15.
– October 10th, Nadia defeated Faith Lehaine at CSF Saturday Night Slam.
– October 23rd, Nadia & Jamie Hayter lost to Leva Bates & Pollyanna at UPW The Future is Now.
– November 1st, Nadia defeated Leva Bates at EWE St. Mary Street Massacre.
– January 24, 2016, Nadia lost to Hikaru Shida at PWP Undisputed – Fly High, Hit Hard.
– February 14th, Nadia defeated Tennessee Honey at EWE St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.
– April 3rd, Nadia & Ayesha Ray defeated Nina Samuels & Dragonita at EWE LuchaMania.
– July 17th, Nadia lost to Xia Brookside at Kamikaze Pro Lo Down.
– July 24th, Nadia defeated Violet Vendetta at EWE Homecoming.
– October 1st, Nadia defeated Aurora Skye at 4FW Live in Thatcham.
– October 2nd, Nadia defeated Kazza G at PWP Fight League.
– October 30th, Nadia defeated Chardonnay to win the vacant PWP Women’s Title.
– December 3rd, Nadia lost to Jessy Jay at ACW Wild Christmas ’16.
– December 17th, Nadia lost to Aurora Skye at 4FW Christmas Spectacular ’16.
– February 4, 2017, Nadia defeated Kat Von Kaige at EWE Live!
– February 12th, Nadia lost the PWP Women’s Title to Bobbi Tyler.
– June 10th, Nadia challenged Alpha Female for the SWE Ladies Title.
– September 30th, Nadia lost to Shanna at the AWW 14th Anniversary Show.
– December 16th, Nadia lost to Martina at PCW PowerBombShells.
– February 3, 2018, Nadia defeated Athena Furie at AWW Back to the Future.
– March 25th, Nadia defeated Ruby Radley at EWE LuchaMania III.
– May 19th, Nadia challenged Audrey Bride for the SWE Ladies Title.
– July 28th, Nadia defeated Erin Angel at EWE Coyote Nitro.
– December 8th, Nadia defeated Natalie Wild at CPW NextGen: Extreme Tidings.
– December 16th, Nadia challenged Kat Von Kaige for the Exposure Valkyrie Title.
– December 22nd, Nadia competed in a 3-Way for the CPW Women’s Undisputed Title.
– February 24, 2019, Nadia defeated Kat Von Kaige for the Exposure Valkyrie Title.
– April 14th, Nadia won a 4-Way at Kamikaze Pro Rise of an Empress.
– July 13th, Nadia retained the EWE Valkyrie Title against Lacie Adams.
– September 7th, Nadia competed in a 6-Way Ladder match for the FFW Women’s Title.
– September 27th, Nadia lost the EWE Valkyrie Title to Shyana in a 3-Way.
– October 12th, Nadia lost to Nicky Foxley at ACW Break the Wall ’19.
– October 20th, Nadia & Eden Von Engeland defeated Natalie Sykes & Anastasia at BEW Clash of Nations.
– November 30th, Nadia competed in a 6-Way Scramble for the British Empire Shooting Star Title.
– February 7th, Nadia won a 3-Way to win the FFW Women’s Title.
– March 7th, Nadia defended the title against Tori Dean.
– August 30th, Nadia lost the title to Chantal Jordan.

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