Madison Rayne on a possible induction into the Impact Hall of Fame

Jan 23, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck


When asked how she’d like to be remembered by fans and her peers, Madison Rayne wants people to remember she worked hard and remained humble.

“The opportunities that I’ve been given, I’d like to think I’ve been given all of them because I worked hard and I was easy to work with. And so, I’d like to think that that would be part of my legacy, that I was easy to work with, that I was someone that everybody enjoyed being in the ring and in the locker room with, that I was somebody who was giving,” Rayne said. “I’ll never ever forget my first night at TNA, having my tryout match against Awesome Kong and it was when she was doing the ‘Awesome Kong challenge’ and these local and independent women were coming in. They were getting three or four-minute matches, not much offense, and not much of an opportunity. But she made sure that I had enough time and enough opportunity in that match to really shine. And so that’s something that I’ve always carried with me and I hope that’s something that other women who I’ve worked with feel that I’ve done too.”

In addition, Rayne said it wouldn’t be a bad thing for IMPACT to celebrate her career with a Hall Of Fame induction in 2021 and joked that this could be the start of the campaign with a #WhyNotMadisonRayne hashtag.

“If IMPACT Wrestling wanted to put me in the Hall Of Fame in 2021, I’m sure that wouldn’t be an awful way to put a bow on this fantastic career.”

source: Wrestlezone

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