Biden’s Plan’s COVID quarantine Will Negatively Impact Pro Wrestling

Jan 22, 2021 - by James Walsh

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Joe Biden’s announcement of a quarantine on people coming into the US could affect wrestling. The idea was mentioned by the President yesterday, although he didn’t mention how long the quarantine could be. Japan and the UK have a two week quarantine for those coming in from other countries. It also wasn’t mentioned if there would be any exception for athletes.

Wrestlers coming in from Mexico or Canada would have to test negative before boarding a plane, which itself isn’t a big deal. However the quarantine period would likely mean foreign talent would have to move here instead of going back and forth if they wanted to work regularly. Otherwise, they would have to come in, quarantine for a set amount of time, then return and quarantine again when they got to their home country.

If the travel quarantine applies to Canada, it could hurt Impact Wrestling the most due to how many talents still live there. This includes Don Callis (who is also regularly appearing for AEW), Josh Alexander, Cody Deaner and more. PAC and wrestlers from Japan would also be affected. This could also affect the AEW women’s contenders tournament, as it was believed they would bring in Japanese talent.

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