Joe Keys

Jan 21, 2021 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Joe Tobin
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 205 lbs.
Date of Birth:
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Pro Debut: February 28, 2015
Trained By: MCW Academy & CZW Dojo
Finishing Move: Backstabber


– Keys also used the ring name Jasper Tippins (CHIKARA).
– February 28, 2015, The Dixon Line Security (Keys & Rob Locke) lost to The Ecktourage (Dirty Money & Eric Chapel) at MCW Winter Blast ’15.
– June 6th, Keys & Ken Dixon lost to Bodie Williams & Li Green at WXW C4 Heat.
– June 27th, The Dixon Line Security challenged Jason Kincaid & Matt Conard for the PCW Tag Team Titles.
– December 4th, The Dixon Line Security & Ken Dixon lost to Brandon Scott, Lio Rush & The Bruiser in a No DQ at MCW Holiday Havoc ’15.
– February 6, 2016, The Dixon Line Security lost to The Punk Rock All Stars (Drake Carter & Shaun Cannon) at PCW Cold War.
– February 21st, Keys lost to Mike Del at the JPCW Debut Show.
– February 27th, Keys lost to Rayo at MCW Winter Blast ’16.
– March 20th, Keys competed in a 4-Way for the CWF Mid-Atlantic Television Title.
– April 18th, Dixon Line (Keys & Ken Dixon) challenged Brian Valor & Alex Taylor for the NGW Tag Team Titles.
– April 30th, Keys lost to Tony Deppen at the Legacy Wrestling Night of Redemption.
– June 4th, Dixon Line Security (Keys & Robert Locke) challenged The Hell Cats (Jimmy Starz & Sexy Steve) for the VCW Tag Team Titles.
– June 18th, Dixon Line Security lost to Billy Gunn & X-Pac at MCW Base Brawl.
– July 16th, Keys competed in the MCW Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup XVI final 6-Way Elimination.
– July 23rd, Keys defeated Jimmy Starz at VCW Liberty Lottery ’16.
– September 21st, Keys lost to Maxwell Jacob Feinstein at CZW Dojo Wars.
– December 15th, Dez Peloton (Jasper & Donald Kluger) defeated Los Ice Creams (Ice Cream Jr. & El Hijo del Ice Cream) at CHIKARA Orientation.
– February 25th, The Dixon Line (Keys & Ken Dixon) challenged The Geordie Bulldogs (Mark Denny & Sean Denny) for the AML Tag Team Titles.
– May 27th, Dez Peloton challenged Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge for the CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas Titles.
– June 9th, The Dixon Line (Keys & Rob Locke) challenged Guns for Hire (Paul Jordane & Bill Collier) for the MCW Tag Team Titles.
– July 14th, Keys lost to Joey Matthews in the first round of the MCW Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup XVII.
– August 12th, Keys defeated Brandon Scott at MCW Final Hour.
– August 20th, Keys lost to Rob Rage at PWE Summer Games.
– September 1st, Dez Peloton & Officer Warren Brookside lost to Chris Brookes, Kid Lykos & Elijah in the first round of the CHIKARA King of Trios ’17.
– September 16th, Keys defeated Hermit Crab at PWE Fall Fury.
– September 30th, Keys defeated Anthony Henry at MCW Tribute to the Legends.
– December 1st, The Cartel (Keys & Dante Caballero) defeated Guns for Hire for the MCW Tag Team Titles.
– January 20, 2018, The Cartel retained the titles against Guns for Hire.
– February 18th, Keys defeated Ken Dixon at EVOLVE 101.
– February 24th, Keys lost to Jim Duggan at MCW Winter Blast ’18.
– March 3rd, Keys lost to Suge D in the first round of the King of BUSHIDO 3 Tournament.
– March 24th, The Cartel lost the MCW Tag Team Titles to Robby & Bobby.
– April 14th, Dez Peloton lost to The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Mark Angelosetti) in the first round of the CHIKARA Tag World Grand Prix ’18.
– July 14th, Keys won the MCW Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup XVIII by winning a 6-Way Elimination.
– July 28th, Keys challenged Ken Dixon for the VCW Commonwealth Heritage Title.
– November 2nd, Keys lost to Jason Kincaid at PCW Crimson Harvest 3.
– November 17th, Keys challenged Ryan McBride for the MCW Rage Television Title.
– December 1st, Keys challenged Dante Caballero for the MCW Heavyweight Title in a No DQ & No Count Out match.
– February 9, 2019, Keys & Brian Johnson lost to the Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas) on ROH TV.
– April 27th, Keys defeated Joe Gacy for the MCW Rage Television Title.
– May 11th, Keys competed in the FS Beast Brawl.
– June 1st, Keys retained the title against Diego Cruz.
– June 2nd, Keys challenged Gino for the VCW Heavyweight Title.
– June 29th, Keys, Dante Caballero & Brian Johnson lost to The Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger, Ryan Nova & Eli Isom) on ROH TV.
– July 13th, Keys competed in the final 6-Way of the MCW Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup ’19.
– July 21st, Keys lost to Dante Caballero in the first round of the ROH Top Prospect Tournament ’19.
– September 21st, Keys competed in a 7-Way Scramble for the MCW Heavyweight Championship.
– October 5th, Keys lost the MCW Rage Television Title to Joe Gacy.
– November 7th, Keys & Orange Cassidy defeated Joe Gacy & Luchasaurus at MCW Tag Wars ’19.
– January 5, 2020, Keys lost to Bobby Flaco at EVOLVE Do or Die 2.
– February 22nd, Keys defeated Joe Gacy in a Best of Fives Series Tables match to win the MCW Rage Television Title.
– March 7th, Keys defended the title against Dante Caballero.
– October 3rd, Keys competed in the 3-Way first round of the ACTION Futures Showcase Tournament ’20.
– November 21st, Keys lost the MCW Rage Television Title to Lio Rush in a 3-Way.
– December 25th, Keys & Dante Caballero defeated Eric Martin & Ken Dixon on ROH TV.

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