Gerald Brisco on Wes getting engaged: “Well I was shocked”

Jan 21, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE Hall of Fame Member Gerald Brisco was a guest on the latest edition of Brisco and Big Ace, which is hosted by his son Wes. Gerry talked about Wes’ relationship with both Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, Xavier Woods going out of his way to help Wes, and his friendship with Pat Patterson. Here are just a few highlights:

On Wes getting engaged: “Well I was shocked. I knew it would take a fine woman, but I didn’t think that he would capture such a fine woman. Congratulations to him and (Red Velvet) and I look forward to being a grandfather… He wasn’t an easy guy to deal with that weekend; he was a real pain in the (butt), and I know what a pain in the (butt) is because I’ve raised him all my life, and he’s been a pain in the (butt) since he was a little, bitty, baby boy.”

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On the time Wes punched Hulk Hogan in the groin: “One day we heard a bunch of motorcycles coming down our driveway. We looked out the window and there was Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake… (After spending some time out back by the lake) we’re walking back toward the house and (Hulk) looked down at Wes and said ‘hey Wes, do you like wrestling?’ Wes said ‘oh yeah I like wrestling, I can throw a good punch too.’… So he reared back – Hogan’s (tall) and Wes is (short) – he reared back and he hits Hogan and hits him right smack dab in the (darn) crotch. He knocked the breath out of Terry.”

On Randy Savage being a great friend: “Macho Man, God rest his soul, what a great guy he was. Him and Wes, from the time Wes was just a baby to whenever Macho Man left us, him and Wes were really tight and really good friends. I was really proud of that. Macho Man was a really strange cat as you know, he didn’t make a lot of friends. He really had something special for Wes. Anytime Wes was in school and Wes needed somebody there to come and talk, he’d ask me and I’d say OK let’s call Randy… Randy of course couldn’t turn it down, so here come Randy and Miss Elizabeth to Wes’ school. So Wes was over with all the guys and girls and especially the teachers.”

Wes Brisco on Savage’s passion for kids: “I think Macho Man really enjoyed talking at schools because when he retired, all he did was worked with special needs people. He pretty much donated the rest of his life to helping out special needs kids and being there for them. I think he always had a heart for kids and always enjoyed the aspects of kids.”

On Xavier Woods: “I’ll always be grateful for Xavier Woods because Xavier really took Wes under his wing. Xavier had come from TNA and had already experienced a high level, and he was able to pass that knowledge willingly on to Wes and elevate Wes not only in the ring but (also) mentally. That’s what I really appreciate. It’s great when a guy takes the time and teaches you how to be a better tag team partner, but when he takes the time and teaches you how to be a better business man, that’s helping the business (and) helping everybody elevate their selves. That’s what Xavier did for Wes and I’ll always be grateful for that.”

On being part of the Stooges with Pat Patterson: “What made that so good was that it was so organic. It just kind of grew on its own. Nobody planned on it being such a hit, the Stooges getting over so much… Pat and I had such great chemistry together, and we worked off of each other. Pat was just a hilarious guy to be around; you could not be around Pat without laughing… Pat was a dear friend, and he’ll be missed. He was so giving to Wes when it came to knowledge and all that stuff… It broke my heart when he passed.”

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