Possible departure from Impact Wrestling

Jan 19, 2021 - by James Walsh

Taya Valkyrie came up short in her quest to win the Impact Wrestling Knockouts title at Hard to Kill in her match against Deonna Purrazzo. Fightful Select has more details on where things stand between her and Impact after speculation that she could be leaving the company.

According to Fightful, despite reports that she would be working the recent Impact tapings on Sunday and Monday, that was not the case as she was not present for either. Valkyrie posted a photo on Instagram of her flying out of Tennessee, and that sparked rumors that it was a potential red herring ahead of the tapings.

Fightful also notes that there are still unknowns regarding her actual contract with Impact. She said in a tweet early last year that she had signed a two-year deal with the promotion in 2019.

Additionally, there were reports last December that WWE had been inquiring about Impact stars with expiring contracts.

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  1. Mark says:

    Her husband (John Morrison) is in WWE and if WWE does another Worlds Collide event she could wrestle Aoife Valkyrie. The two Valkyries have never faced each other.
    Also, imagine Taya Valkyrie & Maryse in the Royal Rumble together.

    But I rather see Taya Valkyrie end up in the National Wrestling Alliance promotion instead.

  2. Shaun says:

    If Taya goes to WWE, she’ll make more money, do some good matches on NXT, get called down to the main roster where she will be criminally misused and be jobbing to Charlotte or Alexa Bliss in 15 second matches on tv or be turned into a goofy character and put with her husband Johnny or even worse…..barely used at all to the point fans forget that she’s there.
    If she goes to AEW, she’ll be part of a women’s division that is poorly used and may not bu utilized well on tv. But her presence will be more embraced there by fans who will be excited to see her.
    What to do?

  3. art123guy says:

    @Shaun–“…get called DOWN to the main roster…” Bravo sir. BRAVO!

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