Impact Results 1/19/21

Jan 19, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Match 1.  EY VS Rhino.

Deaner with Joe Doring help take down Rhino in the opener.

Winner EY.

Backstage Moose takes out Rich Swann after the match at Final Battle.  This is a pre-taped segment post Final Battle.

We pick up tonight’s action with The Good Brothers in the ring talking about their big win at the PPV.  Chris Sabin walks out to the ramp and interjects that he and Alex Shelley want a rematch.  Doc tells him he has no partner.  Just then James Storm’s music hits and he enters the arena.  James Storm introduces himself as a simple man who likes to drink and hunt.  Now he wants a fight.

Just then Matt Hardy enters the arena with Private Party!  He says they have the potential to be the second best tag team of all time.  (Next to him and his brother)  Matt says they are there for a warm of match.

Matt says everyone should be on their knees bowing to him, since he saved Impact Wrestling a few years ago.  He says Private Party should get a tag team title match right now.  Gallows says they will go in the back and have a few drinks while Private Party face Sabin and James Storm.  The winner of the match will be #1 contenders for the tag straps.

Matt Cordona is interviewed backstage.  He says he is a 18 year vet and there to prove he belongs.  He has to prove that to himself.

Kiera Hogan and Tashia Steelz are shown backstage with Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K.  Hogan and Tashia are hitting up Tenille for money.  Johnny Swinger walks up and tries to work his way into some fun with the girls.  Swinger says he has no cash.  He checks out.  Brian Myers and walks in and confronts Fallah Bahh who decided to tell the girls they stole the money from him..  This sets up a match later tonight between Myers and Bahh.

Match 2. Jordynne Grace and Jazz VS Susan and Kimber Lee (with Deonna Purrazzo)

Jazz and Susan end up in the ring after all four start off with a four way brawl.  Jazz pushes Susan in the corner.  We go to break as Susan fights off Grace and tosses her to the floor.

We are back and Kimber has Grace locked up in the ring.  Susan tags in, and this incarnation of Su Yung seams to be more of a business women, ruthless none the less.  Grace regains a advantage and momentarily has Susan on her shoulders.  Susan fights her way out and tags Kimber.   They double team Grace.  Kimber tries to trade chops with Grace, and that doesn’t work out.  Grace hits a back elbow and a lariat.  Grace gets to Jazz.  Susan tags, but Jazz takes her out in the corner.  Grace re-enters and hits a Vader Bomb on Susan.  Jazz hits a DDT as a follow up for a two count.

Purrazzo hits Jazz on the back of the head with the championship belt out of nowhere.  Susan rolls her up for the win.  This could have been done a little better.

Winners… Kimber Lee and Susan.

Taya Valkyrie is backstage interviewed.  Taya says she isn’t done with Deonna.  Just then, Johnny Bravo comes up and says they know she set up the shooting at the wedding last year.  Tommy Dreamer follows behind Bravo.  Taya admits to it and says she deserved more from him and he deserved more too.  Dreamer says they are sending her to a Stamford Jail.   Rosemary meets her at the door.  Rosemary asks how she could have done that to her and Johnny.  Taya says her biggest accomplishments is having her in her corner and she is sorry.   Rosemary looks confused, but decides to hug her as security takes Taya out of the building in cuffs.  Crazzy Steve comes to Rosemary’s aide.  Rosemary asks Steve if the crazy in her life frightens him.  Steve says it excites him.

Tony Schiavone is shown in the AEW studios.  He briefly introduces himself and tomorrows show.  We flip over to Jerry Lynn and Tony Khan somewhere else backstage.  Khan says they are going to watch Big Money Matt and Private Party tonight.  Tony then recaps what is happening further on Dynamite.  Khan says he invited Matt Hardy because he is the biggest carny in wrestling.  He is the man to give results.  He just wants AEW to beat Impact tonight.  They says they will be at ringside.

Rich Swann enters the arena.  He grabs the mic and says he felt the pressure of being Impact World Champion. He says he lives for that pressure.  He says Sabin and Moose gave their best, but he couldn’t trust Moose.  He says his full attention has been on Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers.  Tonight Omega is on the backburner, it is all about Moose and he calls him out to the stage.

Moose comes out the TNA World Championship in a suit.  He grabs the mic and drops the belt to his feet.  He says I know you are angry, but people make bad decisions when they are angry.  Moose says that will get him angry and threatens Swann not to do that.  Swann challenges him to a match for the Impact World Championship right now.  Moose says you are on his  time now, implying this isn’t the time.  He will says he will say when the match is.  Swann asks what do we now, and punches Moose.  Moose has his coat and shirt ripped off.  Moose tries a spear and misses.  Swann hits a Phoenix Splash as the segment ends.

Scott D’Amore is shown backstage with Rohit and TJP, the X-Division Champion.  Rohit is livid TJP is champion and he wants a rematch.  D’Amore says he will get his rematch in two weeks.  Rohit storms off, D’Amore finishes saying it will be a non title match.  lol  He and TJP both have a good laugh.

Tashia and Kiera are backstage with Alisha Edwards.   Alisha says she has money.   (Hogan and Steelz want to pay off the ref in the tag tournament.)   A ref walks in.  They tell him they are throwing a giant celebration.  They tell the ref they have several packages for him, all he has to do is tell him what package they want when they become tag champs.  Just then Havok and Neveah show and say they want the best package.  Hogan and Steelz bail.

Match 3.  Brian Myers VS Fallah Bahh

Myers goes for a single leg on Bahh.  That is actually funny.  No chance.  Fallah takes Myers down with a shoulder block, slam and legdrop.  He gets a two count off  the sequence.  He then hits a splash which makes Myers flee from the ring.  Myers re-enters and gives a stiff kick and clothesline to Bahh.  Bahh takes a few stiff punches to the face.  Myers locks on a rear chin lock.  Bahh gets back on his feet and hits a belly to back out of the headlock/chinlock.  Fallah squashes Myers several times in the corner.

Myers tries to fight back by hitting Fallah in the head.  That doesn’t seem to work.  Fallah pokes Myers by accident in the eye.  The ref stops the match for a second.  Myers kicks Fallah in the groin and gets the pin.

Winner Brian Myers.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton are interviewed backstage.  Austin complains he was on the sidelines at Hard to Kill.    He calls out Matt Cardona.  He tells him sitting in catering in your gear is not what people are paying to see.   Just then Josh Alexander confronts Ace.  Josh tells him he is there to make sure Ace never reaches his potential.  Cordona enters and saves Alexander after Fulton attacks him from behind.  The two fight off Ace and Fulton as we go to break.

A recap of the Sami Callahan/Eddie Edwards match is shown.  Striker and D’Lo announce the match threw still photography..

Edwards is shown backstage with a doctor.  Brian Myers runs in saying his eye hurts from the eye poke from Fallah.  The doctor brushes him off for basically being a baby.  Eddie clearly needs medical treatment after the barbwire match.    Myers calls Eddie a backyarder. (wrestler)  He is dissing him for being not a real wrestler.  Eddie challenges him to a match next week.

Main Event.   Match 4.  Chris Sabin and James Storm VS Private Party (with Big Money Matt) Winners are #1 Contenders to The Good Brothers

Storm and Sabin head out first.  Matt Hardy and the Private Party head out next.  The AEW team will make their Impact Wrestling debut in this match.  Will Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn make good on their claim to be at ringside?

Back from break, Sabin is in the ring with Isiah Kassidy.  Sabin and Kassidy simply put on a clinic of arm drags and flips.  Private Party gain an advantage and make a few quick tags.  Storm grows tired of the onslaught and forces a tag.  Kassidy hits a spinning DDT on Storm.

Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn enter the arena taking notes as we go to break.  Marq Quen is in the ring in control for Private Party.

Back from break, Kassidy is working all over Storm in the corner.  Khan and Lynn look pleased.  D’Lo says this isn’t the Jerry Lynn they know from the past.  Quen gets a two count on Storm.  Striker mentions Private Party are good young kids.  Their parents hate Matt Hardy.  LOL

Storm finally muscles his way to a tag.  Sabin DDT’s Kassidy, while kicking Quen in the head.  Sabin calls in Storm and they double team Quen for a two count.  Lynn and Khan are looking annoyed, as is Matt.  Storm and Kassidy fight to the floor.  Quen and Sabin are inside.  Storm re-enters and they hit the Lung Blower.  Sabin gets a two count.  Quen recovers and takes out Sabin, but Storm takes him out.  Kassidy re-enters and side kicks Storm.  Sabin hits a jumping suplex on Kassidy!  Wow, what a sequence.

Quen and Sabin trade blows.  Quen wins the fight momentarily.  Storm is attacked on the outside by Quen.  Sabin goes after Quen, but Jerry Lynn grabs Sabin’s leg.  Private Party hit the Gin and Juice and get the win.

Winners and #1 contenders to the Impact World Tag Champions, Private Party

The Good Brothers enter the ring and raise their belts.  All three teams begin fighting as the show ends.





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